Paizo Paizo's Organized Play Orc Now Always Available

Recently Paizo announced the Open RPG Creator license (ORC). Today they announced that "the orc ancestry/species is now always available for both Pathfinder and Starfinder Society!"

They went on to say that "Our oracles indicate a striking number of these new adventurers will be trained in Legal Lore or have the Profession (lawyer) skill."


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This is by far the cringiest, most "how do you do fellow kids" thing Paizo has ever done. And that's saying a lot.

As a dad, a geek, and as one having a peurile sense of humor, I chuckled.

As a lawyer, I'm impressed with how well Paizo ORChestrated this, bringing opening gaming properties to the community ab ORCo usque ad coelum.


Entropic Good
I don't get it.
The over explanation to the point of ruining the joke is:
1) The ORC is a license that Paizo is developing to be permanent and irrevocable and forever available
2) The Orc ancestry is in pathfinder, but was NOT always available for use, specifically in Pathfinder Society, an organize play group that has rules on character creation.
3) People pointed out the Irony/inconsistency of naming an always available License after a NOT always available character choice
4) Thus Paizo has announced that the Orc character option will always be available so that it matches the always availability of the ORC license
5) The actions of people in Step #3 could be considered a branch of "Rules Lawyering" or at the least an example of "legalism" thus their comment of Lore and profession

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