The upcoming Pathfinder Battles miniatures set is called The Rusty Dragon Inn. The tavern-themed set includes not just bartenders and NPCs, but a number of monsters and fighty humanoids. This preview looks at the Guard, the Frost Giant Ice Mage (it's a tightly themed set, clearly!), and the Mounted Orc Rider on Dire Wolf. It's a big tavern!




More info from Paizo's Erik Mona here.

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Man I wish Wizkids/Paizo would get proper galleries set up on their site, at least they have more pictures of minis than they did before, but it is still like only ever like a fraction of the entire set.

And then there are all these CG rendered previews of the minis, I always have zero faith seeing CG previews because usually the finished minis look nowhere as good.


For the smaller minis, they don't look as good. For the larger, the CG renders aren't bad. But that guard above, I'm almost positive the final mini won't have those popping colors and detail.


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I like these sorts of miniatures - not just to stock up a tavern, but also maybe to fill out a busy town square or similar. Years back, I ran the start of Rise of the Runelords with the goblin attack in the town square. While I have a ton of miniatures, not many could represent the butcher, baker and candlestick maker. Since I'm kind of a stickler and wanted unarmed miniatures, I used a bunch of zombie miniatures. And, while I told all the players up front that they were really people on not zombies, I'm sure they were initially suspicious ("sure, knowing NewJeffCT, it's a clever illusion and we'll start of with a zombie apocalypse...")

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