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D&D 5E Paladin/possible sorcerer dip build help (Gritty Realism game)


So, I will be participating in a gritty realism game shortly. Short rests take 8 hours, long rests take 7 days.

I need to be the party face and tank. I love paladins anyway, so this is great.


-6th level paladin aura
-Heavy Armor Master feat
-some cantrips (before TPK last game, we were sent up against some creatures, on more than one occasion, that were resistant to non-magical damage, and we never found magic weapons, so a magical attack is awesome)
-fond of at least 1 level of shadow sorcerer.
-if I dip sorcerer before level 6 paladin, it would be only 1 level since I want extra attack and my aura ASAP.
-if I go sword & board, I need war caster.

The HAM feat and aura both help me minimize the pain of fewer spells for healing. They're both "always on" and fall outside the restrictive rules of gritty realism.

We have some racial and class restrictions (no variant humans, no custom lineage, no Tasha stat swapping, no warlocks), and here's what I've narrowed my choices down to:

1) half orc. 17/8/16/8/10/14. Pro: bigger crits, set up nicely for HAM. 5 skills. Con: +2 CHA
2) half elf. 16/8/16/8/8/17. Pro: best stat array, 6 skills. Con: 2nd ASI until HAM evens out STR/CHA.
3) half elf. 16/8/16/8/10/16. Pro: best stat array, 6 skills. Con: HAM doesn't fit as well.
4) mountain dwarf. 17/8/16/8/12/14. Pro: good stat array. Con: only 4 skills
5) Levistus tiefling. 15/8/16/8/8/16. Pro: decent stats, ray of frost is a CHA based ranged attack, and I might not even need to dip sorcerer. Con: only +2 STR until HAM.
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