Press Palladium Books needs Game Masters and Game Events for Gen Con


Gen Con Game Events Needed! There is a ton of advance planning that goes into Gen Con. Not just for those of us in attendance and exhibitors, but for the hardworking Gen Con organizers. As a result, they are already requesting Game Event commitments and game descriptions now, so they can begin work on the Gen Con 2023 schedule.
Palladium Books is looking for quality Game Masters to help us have a strong presence and help gamers realize there are fun alternatives to D&D. You can help us by running RPG events based on Palladium’s game settings (past and present). If you are thinking about running Palladium game events (it’s fun and a way to get free admission with a GM badge!), please decide soon and let us know.
Palladium is on the move and we want to have a lot of game events at Gen Con for our many different settings: Rifts®, Chaos Earth®, Palladium Fantasy RPG®, Heroes Unlimited, Ninjas & Superspies, After the Bomb®, Nightbane®, Dead Reign®, and all the rest, past and present (yes, that includes Robotech® and Rifts® Savage Worlds). Please reach out to us and coordinate with NMI (Jeff Ruiz) at the email address below, to have your games listed at Gen Con as part of the Palladium group.
nmi {at}

You can request Gen Con game event submission forms and
send event descriptions to the email address above.
Advantages of coordination through Palladium as a group with ONE point of contact: Your games will be assigned to the same room location reserved for all Palladium games. That makes Palladium events easy to find for players and convenient for you. Participating Game Masters running 3 or more games at Gen Con get a free admission badge and other perks. Palladium Books provides the G.M. and players reward coupons for redemption at Palladium’s booth for substantial discounts on books to show our appreciation (G.M. coupon, Best Player coupon, and Gamer Participation coupons).
NMI, aka Jeff Ruiz, is Palladium Books’ experienced event coordinator (nmi {at} He will create a spreadsheet and submit your games and descriptions on your behalf. Palladium freelance writer Glen Evans will provide Game Master badges, information, coupons, etc., on site at Gen Con.
Gen Con Game Event Deadlines: Submit your game descriptions as soon as possible to guarantee they are listed both online and in the program book! The more eyeballs that see your game event listing and description, the more likely you are to SELL OUT the event tickets, and enjoy full participation at your event.
  • Early Event Submissions: January 8th – February 12th – do it for best results!
  • Standard Event Submissions: February 12th – March 11th, but the SOONER the better to guarantee full game attendance! Thanks.

We appreciate you working with us to help gamers experience the magic of Palladium Books and our many RPG worlds. The line up for Palladium creators at the Gen Con booth includes Kevin Siembieda (writer/game designer), Sean Owen Roberson (writer/game designer), Wayne Smith (editor/The Rifter®), Crystal Willard (sales), Glen Evans (writer), and a range of freelancers such as Mark Oberle, Mike Leonard, and others. Let’s make this Gen Con a great one that’s fun for everyone.

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