Sale [Palladium] Get PDFs of our books through DriveThruRPG's GM's Day Sale



DriveThruRPG's GM's Day Sale – their Largest Sale of the Year – happening right now thru the weekend

This big PDF sale is happening right now and runs through the weekend. Do not miss it. Hundreds of publishers, thousands of titles, up to 40% off. Most Palladium titles are part of the sale. This is a good way to get and try an RPG, sourcebook, novel, or paper minis on the cheap to see if it is a book you want to order, as well as a nice digital reference to have at your disposal. As always, please spread the word and grab yourself a pile of role-playing PDFs. Sale ENDS Monday morning, March 15, 10am Eastern time.

More than 300 Palladium Books products are available on DriveThru and most of them are On Sale right now.
The newest, which is not on sale but is awesome, is The Garden of the Gods™ (Fantasy) sourcebook.

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