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It’s been cool, rainy and gray here in Michigan, so I thought I would offer a surprise sale with big discounts to brighten up everyone’s weekend as we enter into October. I hope you enjoy it. See details below. ... Items.html

If this sale doesn’t get your heart beating faster, nothing will. Sean and I thought as the weather cools and the changing leaves tell of winter’s approach, we want gamers to have something to cheer about. Enjoy. One week only! Please tell your fellow gamers about it.

Rifts® Ultimate Edition HARDCOVER – 50% off – wow!
Rifts® Naruni Wave Two – 50% off
Rifts® Mercenary Adventures – 50% off
Rifts® Shadows of Evil (Tolkeen) – 50% off
Rifts® Final Siege (Tolkeen) – 50% off
Rifts® Aftermath (Tolkeen) – 30% off
Rifts® South America – 50% off
Rifts® Juicer Uprising – 50% off
Rifts® Game Master Guide – 20% off
Rifts® Game Master Guide HARDCOVER – 20% off
Rifts® Book of Magic – 30% off
Rifts® Book of Magic HARDCOVER – 20% off
Rifts® Adventure Guide – 30% off
Rifts® Adventure Guide HARDCOVER – 20%
Rifts® Bestiary Volume One – 30% off
Rifts® Primer & Adventures – 30% off
Rifts® Coalition War Campaign – 20% off
Rifts® New West (one of Kevin’s & Sean’s favorites) – 30% off
Rifts® Federation of Magic – 30% off
Rifts® Northern Gun One – 30% off
Rifts® Northern Gun Two – 30% off
Rifts® Coalition Manhunters (another Kev & Sean fave) – 20% off
NOTE: You can get PDFs of these same titles on sale at also for one week only. Enjoy.

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