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SALE! Robot Rampage – 25% Discount on robot and bionic filled titles; mostly Rifts® World Books and sourcebooks! Physical product from Palladium Books. PDF titles from

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In anticipation of Titan Robotics we thought we’d give you a sale featuring all things robotic and cybernetic.

Rifts® Sourcebook One – Archie Three, the Republicans, robot creation rules, robots, cyborgs, monsters, adventure, and more. 160 pages – Cat. No. 801.
Rifts® Sourcebook Two: The Mechanoids – More Archie, Hagan, Mechanoid® invaders, the Seven Dangers Prophecy, and more. 112 pages – Cat. No. 805.
The Mechanoid Invasion® Trilogy – World devouring aliens with a hatred for humans and all humanoids. The science fiction game that launched Palladium Books. 224 pages – Cat. No. 400.
Rifts® World Book 5: Triax & the NGR – Triax super-technology (robots, cyborgs, vehicles) vs the savage Gargoyle Empire. 224 pages – Cat. No. 810.
Rifts® World Book 6: South America – Robots and cyborgs, robot dinosaurs, weapons and gear of notable South American nations, plus the Anti-Monster, Biomancy magic, Jaguar People, mutants, pirates, vampires, and more. 168 pages – Cat. No. 814.
Rifts® World Book 8: Japan – All sorts of technological wonders await, including robots, power armor, Dragon-Cyborgs, Cyber-Samurai, Ninja Crazies, Ninja Juicers, Cyberoids, weapons, Rune Swords, demons and more. 216 pages – Cat. No. 818.
Rifts® World Book 9: South America 2 – A ton of robots, cyborgs, vehicles, weapons, and gear from the Arkhon alien invaders, Empire of the Sun, Megaversal Legion, Cordoba, Santiago, and others, plus Nazca Line Magic, dark gods, and more. 192 pages – Cat. No. 819.
Rifts® World Book 11: Coalition War Campaign – The war machines of the Coalition: Skelebots, robots, power armor, cyborgs, combat vehicles, aircraft, Juicers, Rangers, and much more. 224 pages – Cat. No. 821.
Rifts® World Book 14: New West – Introducing Bandito Arms and its SAMAS, power armors, weapons, vehicles, robot horses, hovercycles, cyborgs, 20 O.C.C.s including the Psi-Slinger and Wired Gunslinger, plus Lyn-Srial Sky-Knights and Cloud Magic, a host of creatures, D-Bees, and more. 224 pages – Cat. No. 826.
Rifts® World Book 17: Warlords of Russia – Cyborg shocktroops the likes of which you’ve never seen, plus 30 O.C.C.s, the warlords, vehicles, weapons, and gear! 224 pages – Cat. No. 832.
Rifts® World Book 22: Free Quebec – Glitter Boy and Glitter Boy variants, the Glitter Girl, Pale Death and Violator SAMAS, cyborgs, robots, combat vehicles, weapons, gear, key locations, and more. 224 pages – Cat. No. 837.
Rifts® World Book 31: Triax 2 – New Triax weapons, 10 giant robots, robot drones, power armor, cyborgs, vehicles, aircraft, mobile fortress, war update and more. 192 pages – Cat. No. 881.
Rifts® World Book 33: Northern Gun One – 27 giant robots, 70+ weapons, a hovertrain, the NG city, people, bounty board, and more. 224 pages – Cat. No. 887.
Rifts® World Book 34: Northern Gun Two – 30+ new power armors, 30+ new M.D.C. body armors, 15 combat vehicles, 14 hovercycles, 10 robot haulers and drones, Robodome arena and more. 256 pages – Cat. No. 888.
Rifts® World Book 36: Sovietski – Robots, cyborgs, tanks and combat vehicles, weapons, bionic animals, 9 O.C.C.s with 40+ M.O.S. skill packages, the Sovietski, its people, mutants, D-Bees, and more. 224 pages – Cat. No. 891.
Rifts® Bionics Sourcebook – 220+ bionic components and features, 47 commercial cybernetics, 24 Black Market cybernetics, TW Cybernetics, 7 City Rat O.C.C.s, the Cyber-Snatcher, and more. 112 pages – Cat. No. 850.
Rifts® Black Market Sourcebook – Bandito Arms and BigBore merc weapons and gear, robots, power armor, body armor, vehicles, robot animals and the TW Ironmage Glitter Boy, plus details about the Black Market and its O.C.C.s. 192 pages – Cat. No. 886.

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