• The VOIDRUNNER'S CODEX is coming! Explore new worlds, fight oppressive empires, fend off fearsome aliens, and wield deadly psionics with this comprehensive boxed set expansion for 5E and A5E!

Release Rifts: The Cyberworks Collection hardcover is available now.


This book is epic and a must even for those who own every book it collects into one, big, 384 page Archie extravaganza. Why? 1. Everything Archie is at your fingertips. 2. The remastered art and layout is gorgeous. 3. The original Kevin Long cover and Mechanoid end sheets.

The Cyberworks Collection includes the Expanded Rifts® Sourcebook One (with the Republican/NEMA gear and info), Rifts® Sourcebook 2: The Mechanoids®, Rifts® Shemarrian Nation™ Sourcebook plus key Archie, Hagan, Titan, and Shemarrian information from Rifts® Aftermath. Chock full of robots, weapons, and gear. And when we say remastered we mean high res artwork plus updated layout, editing, and tidbits of surprise material. This book is beautiful.

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