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Issues of The Rifter®, novels, MOP, art books, and select titles on sale for your reading and gaming enjoyment. Nice gifts for gamers’ birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, etc., or as a treat for yourself. ... Items.html

All available issues of The Rifter®
Magic of Palladium (MOP; the predecessor of The Rifter®)
All Rifts® novels
Rifts® Sonic Boom (Part 1 of trilogy)
Rifts® Deception’s Web (Part 2 of trilogy)
Rifts® Treacherous Awakenings (Part 3 of trilogy)
Rifts® Duty’s Edge (stand-alone novel)
Rifts® Hammer of the Forge: The Cosmo-Knight (Part 1)
Rifts® Hammer of the Forge: The Reckoning (Part 2)
Rifts® Anthology Collection (11 stories)
Rifts® Path of the Storm (a proposed movie script)
Rifts® Machinations of Doom (Ramon Perez graphic novel & sourcebook)
Rifts® Coalition Manhunters (foundational book on CS society, highly recommended by Sean!)
Systems Failure RPG (Bug-eyed monster invasion & survival)
Dead Reign® RPG (zombie apocalypse, survival, survivor factions & a great read!)
Beyond the Supernatural RPG 1st Edition Rules Hardcover (a great read)
Gramercy Island Heroes Unlimited sourcebook (a fun read)
Mystic China sourcebook (fun read & adaptable to HU, BTS, and Rifts®!)
Nightbane® Survival Guide (fan fave & a great read!)
I Am Legion Splicers® sourcebook (a fun read, epic adventure)
Garden of the Gods Palladium Fantasy® sourcebook (epic & a great read!)
Compendium of Modern Weapons (back by fan request – lock & load)
Rifts® & the Megaverse® Art of John Zeleznik (awesome art; color)
Future Visions: The Art of Charles Walton (fuel for the imagination)

---------------------------------------------------------------------- SALE of the same titles as above plus ALL issues of The Rifter®, #1-85, are all on sale as PDF books. Enjoy. ... _id=246835

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