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Paragon Path request

Bold or Stupid

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Haven't got the books yet... So can someone who either has, or is less moral than me post a list of the Paragon Paths in the book, with a potted description of what they do? Many thanks in advance.

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Bold or Stupid said:
Haven't got the books yet... So can someone who either has, or is less moral than me post a list of the Paragon Paths in the book, with a potted description of what they do? Many thanks in advance.

I'm currently reading Fighter stuff right now, so I'll throw you a bone for their Paragons.

Iron Vanguard

You're the master of pushing the enemy around - Think 300 when they push the guys around with their shields (Makes it look more appealing, too!).


You become one with your weapon. Pretty much choose any weapon, you're Captain Planet with it. Kinda like a Dervish/Kensei mix from 3.5

Pit Fighter

"I fight dirty, and I fight to win."

My favourite, and probably the best Fighter paragon vs 1 target. Gains lots of damage boosts.

Sword Master

Really good with using a sword, gain powers back when you crit. Looks like it's about longevity/flashy moves. Works well with basic fighter ploys - Good at making opportunity attacks and such.

Hope this helps!


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Playing with the new Warlord thingy,

Paragons are

Battle Captain
"Follow me, and victory will be ours!"

You become the epitome of the combat leader...

Combat Veteran
"Stick with me. I'll keep us alive, and I may even figure out a way to win this fight while we're at it."

You are a veteran of many battles, and it shows. You have learned tricks and techniques that...

Knight Commander
"Chivalry and honor are my sword and shield, and strategy and tactics my armor."

Your path as a warlord has led you to take on the role of a knight commander, an armored paragon of leadership and combat...

Sword Marshall
"This weapon is my symbol of office, and it shines over the field of battle as I wield it against our enemies"

You have extensively studied the use of light and heavy blades, and your weapon of choice has becomea symbol of your power and leadership.


All in all, I'm not too excited about the Warlord Paragons. Love the Warlord itself, but those paragons all appear to be largely more of the same. The differences between, say, the combat veteran and the battle captain are at best minimal IMO. You help move your team around, give them bonuses, boost their action dice and surges, etc..

Sword Marshall may be slightly different in that it takes a bit more selfish (for a warlord) approach to fighting than the others..
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I have been parsing the rogue so here goes:)

Cat Burglar
“I am the rogue acrobat, able to leap and roll with amazing agility. I have the grace and quickness of the great cats.”

Very tricky and Acrobatic, moves fast and loves to slip around the enemy, never standing still

“See how the dagger dances along my fingertips, see it spin. I have forgotten more ways to use this dagger than you can ever imagine.”

Just very good with daggers, can up damage die by 1 as a daily for example

Master Infiltrator
“I can get in there. No problem.”

More stealth and ambush oriented, for example if he drops an enemy to 0 he gets a turn of invisible.

Shadow Assassin
“When you need something dead, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone better at the job than me.”

already previewed so Nuff said :p

I like the little flavours of each of the paragon paths, to me they seem well balanced but each has some flourishes to make them unique


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Warlock has three. One for each Pact.
Star Pact - Doomsayer - You wrap yourself in in the fear of the darkness beyond the stars and use it...

Fey Pact - Feytouched - Your constant visits to the Feywild and your communion with the fey entity that holds your pact have touched you to your very soul and driven...

Infernal Pact - Life-Stealer - Your pact with infernal powers has given you the ability to steal and utilize the life energy...

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