(Paranoia) Project Infinite Hole Kickstarter - 2 Days To Go!


Good afternoon, loyal Citizens!

This is an important message to let you all know that the Project Infinite Hole Kickstarter project for the Paranoia RPG has less than two days to run!

You can join in on the fun and see all the updates right here: Project Infinite Hole: An R&D Sourcebox for the Paranoia RPG


Bringing your favourite Service Group, R&D, back into your Troubleshooter's lives (along with a recently created black hole), Project Infinite Hole has not only been fully funded, but the basic pledge now includes all six stretch goals. As well as the box set, which includes the R&D Happy Testing Catalogue, the Gamesmaster's R&D Service Book, the R&D Mission Book, and 120 new cards, you will also receive:

  • Mission Book: The Hole Blame
  • The Disaster Deck - allow your players to drop actual disasters into their missions all by themselves
  • Thriftylist Stuff - a whole new book of experimental equipment
  • Mission Book: Mind the Gap
  • Extinction-Class Incident Response Book
  • A set of 9 Computer Dice, colour-coded to the security clearances
And if you want to prove you are super-loyal to The Computer, you can also pick up the exclusive R&D Testing Fun Pack at the Green pledge level, which includes some awesome goodies such as a pad of R&D Experimental Equipment Testing Forms, an Alpha Complex laboratory safety poster, Heroes of R&D trading cards and a whole new mission, Smocks!, all in an attractive presentation pack.

If you are treasonously behind in your Paranoia collection, we have some super deals that will allow you to pick up the truly essential Paranoia RPG.

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