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Pathfinder 2 RPG - Beginner Box
Paizo Inc.

The Pathfinder Beginner Box contains everything you need to learn how to play the Pathfinder, including rules to create your own fantasy hero and tools to make your own amazing stories.

Will you be a courageous fighter, charging headfirst into battle, or a sly rogue, moving quietly to strike at foes from the shadows? Maybe you will be a knowledgeable wizard, wielding incredible arcane spells, or a wise and pious cleric, using the power of your deity to shape the world for the better. It is all up to you!

Inside you will find a rich toolbox, filled with everything you need to get started, including rules for character generation, an introductory adventure, guidelines to build your own campaign, character sheets, a full-color map, and character pawns. This deluxe box set will be the ideal introduction to the Pathfinder, leading the way to a lifetime of adventure!

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