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This thread is for the general discussion of the Pathfinder Player Core 2. Click on Overview for more information.

Pathfinder Player Core 2 will significantly expand on the options for players. This 320-page rulebook remasters eight classes and includes more than 40 archetypes, expanded ancestries, and tons of feats, spells, and alchemical items. This is the fourth core rulebook for the fully remastered Pathfinder Second Edition RPG!

The Pathfinder Player Core 2 rulebook will be available in hardcover and Special Edition. A Wayne Reynolds sketch cover will be offered exclusively to hobby retailers for a 120-day exclusivity period, after which time it will also appear on
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I am currently running a PF2ER campaign as a way to learn the system. The core Bestiary is an ato-buy for me, but Player Core 2 is going to be the "adoption book." That is, if by August I have decided to go all in on PF2ER,I will buy PC2. But if, for whatever reason, PF2ER isn't The Game, I won't bother picking it up.

I'm unsure whether to get this one physically or not (or to get it at all).

Having the remaster books physically is great - re-reading them as well has been fun and educational, particularly the GM Core book.

However, I'm unsure whether I want to pick up Monster Core or this book since that, for Monsters, I typically search for them via Archives of Nethys and don't read them in big blocks; and often make adjustments of statblocks; and for Player Core 2, so much of the player facing stuff are things I can link to and explain more easily.

Still, they might be nice to have physically, so that I have all the books physically if I ever want to play in person without as much technology assistance, or just to study. After all, it is nice to read through a bestiary book to get a sense of all the different options - it can be eye opening. And knowing more about different player options is good to keep in mind, rather than just using a character builder...

I just wish Paizo books were easier to get in Ireland - they take months to ship!


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I am really looking forward to this because it feels like we're sort of in a limbo for the classes that haven't been updated. The game I'm running has players who are just rolling with it, but it will be nice to see where things finally end up.

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