Pathfinder question thread moved to builds

Please excuse me, but can a mod explain why my thread as moved?

Thread here:

As you can see, I am not asking primarily for optimization/builds, I'm asking primarily (in my mind, at least!) about PATHFINDER, the game, and Golarion the setting. Putting it in builds is pointless, because I am more interested in rules/setting info than build stuff (which is nice but not the main deal). I would ask that it be moved back, thank you. Otherwise I'll presumably just have to make ANOTHER thread, post basically same thing and link to the above thread and say "go there for build stuff", which seems like a waste of everyone's time. :)


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It looked like a character builds thread to me. The title is about making a bard, it asks for advice on building a bard. Maybe it's in the phrasing, or maybe my reading comprehension, but all I'm seeing there is a request for character build advice!

Does it particularly bother you which forum it's in? We move stuff into forums so other folks can find the type of content they want easily.


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That does not look like a question of general rules, or about the game broadly. It looks like you are trying to build a specific character for a specific game. You say so explicitly in the OP.

"...advice on building a Bard in PF (I like to optimize..."

"This is for the Carrion Crown AP, which my brother is running..."

So, I agree with Morrus - this was a thread for the build & Optimize section.
Fair enough, I was hoping people would tell me about PF mechanics and the Golarion setting in general, but I think I didn't make that clear enough so will make a separate thread! Thanks for looking at it!