Boardgames Pathfinder Society for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game?


I crit!
I have, it's a ton of fun. Wednesday nights after our 'The One Ring' game we play this at he FLGS.


My wife and I love this game. It's pretty fun and you do feel like you are playing a RPG. I would like a companion book to give me a bit more background, but it is pretty fun.

Erik Mona

Yep. We'll be doing Organized Play for the Adventure Card Game, most likely beginning in August with a "Season 0" test season. It'll be similar to Pathfinder Society in that you'll have a persistent character that develops as you play, no matter who you play with. It'll very likely involve new character decks with, for example, four or five different options per class. The deck will be loaded with appropriate treasure and other cards you'll sub in for the cards actually won in the game (so as not to cannibalize the base set in use).

We're still working on a lot of the details, but should have a solid program by Gen Con.