Pathfinder 2E Pathfinder vs. 3.5 - Help Me Decide


Hey folks > I am in the process of shutting down a 5E game, and I am torn about where to go from there. I currently run a 2E game and recently completed a 1E game which ran for 10 years. I've played and DM'd both 3.5 and Pathfinder in the past...but it's been several years. dilemma > return to Pathfinder (2E, I guess) or 3.5?
I appreciate your advice in advance. :cool:

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It's going to be down to personal preference. My advice would be buy the Pathfinder 2e Beginner Box while it's cheap, run it, and then decide as a group how it compares. For what it's worth, the 2e scene is about to explode as it's flooding with new interest and new creators, so if being part of the zeitgeist is important to you then I would choose 2e.


Was able to get the Core Rules Book used for $20 and bought the Beginner Box yesterday at Books-A-Million. I appreciate the advice. Still not sure exactly what I am going to do, but I will have a few months to read up on things and make a decision starting in February...because I'm retiring :)


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I would say PF1 over 3.5 and PF2. Its closer to 5E than PF2 is, and its more developed than 3.5 is. I'm biased though as PF1 is my favorite edition. There certainly is nothing wrong with PF2 but its much closer to D&D 4E than it is to 3E/5E.

Also, check out Archives of Nethys regardless of Pathfinder edition. That site will be an invaluable reference.

I really like PF 1E. I haven't had an opportunity to play 2E yet, so I cannot discuss its merits. What I will do is direct your attention to a few free modules you could use as you ease into either system.

If you play 1E, I highly recommend We Be Goblins. Get in touch with your inner muder hobo pyromaniac and teach those longshanks a lesson! There are even sequels, and one prequel, you can play, too!

For 2E, you could try running We Be Heroes. More goblins; except this time you're saving the longshanks instead of burning them.


And if you play PF1, then you might check out my Kaidan setting of Japanese Horror (PFRPG). Would I ever update that to 2e, maybe, but my plate if full right now.

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