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Paizo Announces Pathfinder War of Immortals Meta Event

As part of a Twitch stream on Tuesday, April 16th, Paizo announced a host of products all connected to the War of Immortals meta-event, including the death of a core deity.

As part of a Twitch stream on Tuesday, April 16th, Paizo announced a host of products all connected to the War of Immortals meta-event, including the death of a core deity.


In their Twitch stream on Tuesday, April 16th, Paizo announced all of the products that will be associated with the War of Immortals meta-event.

“This meta event is something that has been in the works for several years, and we’re excited to finally invite our players to experience the War of Immortals,” said Paizo’s Director of Brand, Mark Moreland, “Along with tying together our rulebooks, setting, and adventures, this event is also giving us a fantastic opportunity to return to fiction publishing in a big way.”

Since February 7th, they have been publishing the Godsrain Prophecies, a series of false prophecies about the potential deaths of gods, on their blog to mark one god safe per week. The teasers by Erin Roberts culminated in the god on the chopping block is Gorum, God of War.

They announced a variety of products related to the War of Immortals, including a hardcover rulebook, a hardcover setting book, a variety of adventures, and a hardcover novel. The novel will mark Paizo's return to the fiction market.

Pathfinder War of Immortals​

Paizo is proud to announce the tentpole release of the War of Immortals event, the aptly named Pathfinder War of Immortals hardcover rulebook. This 240-page hardcover (also available in special edition, retailer-exclusive sketch variant, and forthcoming pocket edition) will introduce mythic rules to Pathfinder Second Edition, as well as two brand new classes—the first original classes built on the remastered foundation of the Pathfinder Player Core—the animist and exemplar!

In addition to loads of new character options, War of Immortals also explores Gorum’s death and the ramifications. Most notable among these is the Godsrain: a literal shower of the slain god’s blood, shattered armor, and divine essence that falls upon Golarion and every world on which he was worshiped, leaving war and mythic power in its wake.

Pathfinder War of Immortals releases in October, 2024.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Divine Mysteries​

The death of a god is sure to reshape a setting, and Pathfinder Lost Omens: Divine Mysteries explores, updates, and remasters the divine landscape of the Age of Lost Omens. This hardcover setting book remasters the deities already present in Pathfinder’s setting, as well as introducing a handful of new gods—such as Aleph, god of darkness, and Nin, god of vampires, shown off on stream.

Also included in Divine Mysteries are a variety of player options related to the new divine landscape—such as the Rivethun Emissary and Palatine Detective. Divine Mysteries is the new guide to all things holy (and unholy) in Golarion.

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Divine Mysteries releases in November, 2024.

Pathfinder Adventure: Prey for Death​

Pathfinder standalone adventures return with Pathfinder Adventure: Prey for Death, a 128 page adventure for 14th level characters written by Vanessa Hoskins. In this adventure, players take on the role of Red Mantis assassins, members of the notorious guild and cult of the mantis god, Achaekek.

This book also introduces the new format for standalone adventures—hardcover, and with more content. Pathfinder Adventure: Prey for Death releases at Gen Con, 2024.

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Curtain Call​

Pathfinder’s 40th Adventure Path, Curtain Call, takes characters from 11th to 20th level as they work to produce an opera based on their past exploits. This Adventure Path is designed to slot in after any previous campaign—celebrating the players’ previous game by immortalizing it as a work of theatre. While this adventure’s tie-in may seem tenuous on the surface, Paizo assures players that Curtain Call will give them a front-row seat to the Godsrain and its affects on Golarion.

Curtain Call opens with Pathfinder Adventure Path #204: Stage Fright at Gen Con, 2024. It continues with Pathfinder Adventure Path #205: Singer, Stalker, Skinsaw Man in August, 2024, and Pathfinder Adventure Path #206: Bring the House Down in September, 2024.

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Triumph of the Tusk​

The second Adventure Path to tie in to the War of Immortals meta event is Pathfinder Adventure Path #41: Triumph of the Tusk— an Adventure Path for 3rd to 11th level characters. Players fight alongside the orcs of Belzen in their war for independence as war rages around Golarion—and Gorum is far from the only god to die or be affected in this global conflict.

Triumph of the Tusk opens with Pathfinder Adventure Path #207: The Resurrection Flood in October, 2024, and continues through December 2024.

Pathfinder: Godsrain​

The final tie-in announced during Paizo’s livestream is Pathfinder: Godsrain, a hardcover novel written by long-time Pathfinder writer Liane Merciel. The novel follows four iconic heroes—the wizard Ezren, the barbarian Amiri, the cleric Kyra, and her wife, the rogue Merisiel—as they witness the calamity of the Godsrain and are faced with the opportunities—and consequences—of mythic power.

Pathfinder: Godsrain releases November 2024.

Playtest Announcement​

With a global war on the horizon, Pathfinder needs new classes that are suited to military combat. Mike Sayre announced the upcoming Pathfinder playtest for two new classes: the guardian and the commander. These classes will be featured in a Pathfinder rulebook set to release in 2025.

The playtest begins April 29, 2024. For more details, check paizo.com/pathfinderplaytest!

As the launch of War of Immortals looms, Paizo plans to share more details at PaizoCon, Gen Con, and on their monthly talk show, Paizo LIVE.

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