D&D 5E Paths of Nobility: A Noble Guide


Paths of Nobility: A Noble Guide

The Noble is a class available to EN5iders, go check it out. Since it's paid for material I'll try to be as minimalistic as possible when referring to features.

This guide is going to be using the standard colour scheme, but substituting green for black:
Gold: Is the best, accept no substitute
Sky Blue: Is a top choice
Blue: Is a good choice
Green: Is average, there are better and there are worse
Purple: Is niche, it has certain uses but it's not great overall
Red: Is a trap, there's an option that's simply better for the same or less cost

On with the show!


  • Starting Material
  • Class Features
  • Subclasses
  • Multiclassing
  • Feats

Starting Material:
Hit Dice: Lowest hit dice possible. Not a lot you can do about this, but if you're thinking of multiclassing, consider starting out in your other class for more initial Hit Points.
Weapons: None, none at all. With the exception of one path, you will get some at level 1 though, so the trap here is really believing you get no weapon proficiencies.
Armour: Likewise you get no starting armor proficiencies. Bummer.
Saving Throws: Two of the more control-oriented saves, not bad to have.
Skills: The choices you get aren't bad, but they aren't great either. Thankfully your background will plug any gaps.
Equipment: It will suffice. Shame about the lack of a shield though.

Class Features:
Noble Path: More on this further down thread, hence no rating.
Rallying Word: Starts off an alright bit of healing, gets better at third level, and really starts to shine at level seven.
Direct Ally: Starts out nice, takes a slight dip with Coordinated Attack, but holds its own by being useful to spellcasters. Comes into its prime at ninth level, the seventeenth level boost is just a nice bonus.
Spur Ally: A neat little support ability. It scales too.
Coordinated Attack: Doesn't work if you're casting spells, so multiclassers watch out. This feature is simply perfect, and it has a 1:1 cost to gain ratio, unlike certain Battle Maneuvers. *coughcommandersstrikecough*
Noble Renown: A neat RP ribbon, solid ability.
Expertise: Expertise is great, although it loses a point for its lateness.
Devoted Commander: Capstones are never really amazing, and this is no exception. However, unlike some capstones, this one really lets you shine once in a while.


Path of the Brave:
This is the path for those of you who want to be up with the party chopping away.


Bonus Proficiencies: And we jump right in there with the very essential weapon, armor and shield proficiencies.
Resilient Leader: Following on from that, this makes up for our tiny hit dice. It doesn't affect your spending of hit dice to heal though, so consider Durable.
Dauntless: A nice bonus to shaking off on of the more annoying control affects.
Combat Style: A nice selection (See: all of them), although a little late for a full on sword swinger. Fortunately you're not a full on sword swinger.
Extra Attack: Well now you can match all but them Fighters swing for swing. You're not as good at it, but you make up in other areas.
Overwhelming Strike: While not bad, it requires a save, and isn't compatible with Coordinated Attack.
Lionheart: A slight improvement on Dauntless, but now you get to apply Dauntless to your allies too.

Path of the Heart:
Eurgh- Bl- BLUUUUURGH. Right. Well. That happened. Excuse me while I get my EVA to rewrite the fluff to something I can withstand.
The Path of the Heart is for those confident enough they don't need weapons or armour! With your inspiring speeches and memorable quips, you motivate your allies and dishearten your enemies. Your allies might get the credit, but you gave them the push they needed.

Noncombatant: Who needs armour? Who needs weapons? Who needs to fight? Certainly not you; your charisma speaks and fights for you! But losing all proficiencies is a downer.
Aura of Innocence Confidence: What did you find? Unarmored Defence? Good, you'll need it.
Vicarious Attack: This pairs perfectly with Coordinated Attack. Perfectly.
Bonus Proficiencies: Chainsaws are my artisan's tools! A nice flavour ribbon with a few skills as well.
Cries Boasts: Nice stuff to use your bonus action/reaction with. Obviously they got misnamed on the official document, I'll be correcting that.
  • Cry for Attention Boast of Attention: Call them out, let them face you if they dare!
  • Cry for Help Boast of Distraction: You'll be the bait, you won't back down.
  • Cry for Life Grit Those Teeth: A nice bit of reactionary healing, just when it's needed most.
  • Distracting Cry Yell: There bussiness is with you damnit!
Force of Personality: Another ribbon with a nice boost to your Rallying Word.
Tears of the Pure-Hearted Punch of the Blazing Spirit: Healing and condition removal? Sweet! Once per day? Aww.
Stirring Words: Makes your good stuff better, what's not to like?
Loved by the People: A real nice ribbon. Better if you play about with crafting.
Heart's Spirited Redemption: The saves really keep it from being great, but it's still very nice.

Path of the Tactician:
You're the thinker, the plotter, the planner. Everything is accounted for and every move meticulously calculated. It seems like you wing it, but that's just because you planned for everything.


Tactical Adaptability: Step aside, your time is not now. Push forward those who must act.
Bonus Proficencies: Some things must be done yourself, having the right tools is essential.
Maneuvering Command: The Battlemaster acts without knowing what potential lies within. With a few words you can teach the others some of what he knows.
Rules of Engagement: Strike first, and strike hard.
Focused Fire: One by one they shall far.
Renewed Superiority: And we shall rise.
Tactical Mastery: For knowing your opponent is half the battle.


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Leave your problems with the class with the class. This is a guide for the class, not a debate about its design.


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Your mom is a guide for this class.

We expect you to show rather more respect for your fellow posters than this. If you don't like the class, that's fine, but you should leave room for others to like it, and to discuss it without insult.

So, please move along, and don't bother folks in this thread any more, please.

I really did laugh with that (at least cracked a smile), Yunru, so, in the same spirit...

I think to take the Path of the Heart fluff to, uh, heart, you kinda need to, well, have one.


I really did laugh with that (at least cracked a smile), Yunru, so, in the same spirit...

I think to take the Path of the Heart fluff to, uh, heart, you kinda need to, well, have one.
Not sure which button on app is laugh, or even if they translate, so I just mashed both.


The heart one is kinda broken if you have a rogue or Warlock in the party. Its also not to bad with the SS/GWM feats either when we tested it, The other 2 seem a bit weak.
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