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Patreon Roundup: Elven Tower, Kobold Press, Kyle Hall

Welcome everyone, Jason here with a quick summary of several recent releases from some notable Patreon Creators. In this Patreon release roundup you will find new maps showing unexplored areas, new battlemats to enrich combat, new backgrounds for your players to use and new locations for your game.

Elven Tower has recently released has released several products. First up is Altar of the Fayth which is a location which is a location set in a forest and is fully compatible with Roll20. This release also comes in Photoshop format.

Elven Tower also released A Warlock's Pack which is a background for players to use for a Warlock character.

I've included an inspiration for background story for a dnd5e warlock. In this story, a young failed wizard accepts a deal with a fey entity in exchange of power.

In addition to the above two posts Elven Tower also released a one page dungeon named Infinite Crypts of Kadath. This title is also available as a photoshop file and is offered through Roll20.

This is a non-euclidean geometry dungeon. The files include a one-page-dungeon representation of this location which includes cubic 3d projections of the location. Each plane of the cube is included as a single map too. Each dungeon plane is 14x14 squares. Dimensions are expressed in 140px per square. I also included each level of the lair in a separate file for easier handling.

Finally from Elven Tower is a location called the Sunflower Market. This is a location intended to be placed in a small town and is also compatible with Roll20.

If you follow the southern road a few days you'll find Greenroad. The small town is otherwise unremarkable, if it were not for the sunflower market festival that happens twice a year. I've heard legends of a dead dryad and magical flowers which attract fireflies and other insects.

Kobold Press has two releases the first one being A Black Sarcophagus in a Stygian Tomb. This is a location and a short one-shot adventure designed for 6th level characters. This was offered to patreons at the three dollar or higher levels.

Kobold Press also released The Fey Courts which is a print booklet. This contains information on the Lost Courts of the Elves, a Rogues Gallery and variant Undines.

A Warlock Bestiary by Lee & Nicholson is another Kobold Press post detailing fifteen 5th edition monsters that are dungeon friendly. This post is available to all patreons of the three dollar or higher tiers.

Kyle Hall posted Ali Baba/Ali from Cairo/Blazing Archon/Blockbuster which is composed of two Arabian Nights creatures, a creature from Ravnica, and a spell from Ravnica all stated for 5th edition. This post is available to all free of charge.

Another post by Kyle Hall was Pikmin Swarms/Hazlik, Red Wizard of Hazland which is not only a combination of various Pikmin monsters but also contains a high level wizard to be used as an opponent. All the material is stated for 5th edition and is available to all free of charge.

That is it for me for this article and remember that EN World also has several patreon accounts including En5ider which specifically creates 5th edition supplements and adventures.

This article was contributed by Jason Boyd Coggins (Jason828) as part of EN World's News Columnist (ENWC) program. We are always on the lookout for freelance columnists! If you have a pitch, please contact us!



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