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Villagers of Note

[sblock=Sir Nigel Chaucer]
An old campaigner, this landless knight has seen too much. A bit crotchety, he nevertheless has a sweet heart, especially for young Elsinor. Alcoholic, but still as good with a sword as a man half his age, he paid off a debt to the Lancasters by teaching Elsinor the ways of lance and sword and knighthood.


Elsinor's early rebellions began with running off with a local peasant boy, Dyfed, into the forests around the village. Dyfed and Elsi are very close -- in fact, he was her first kiss -- but obviously he's unsuited for marriage. Not that Elsi is looking for that right now.


[sblock=Koran Limmersneck]
A good friend of Reginald, poor Koran was crippled by the kick of a testy and wicked-tempered mule when he was just a young lad. At the time, Koran was the stouter and quicker of the two, but now he walks with a hobble and his muscles have grown unevenly, favoring his healthier side. Koran has grown sharp-tongued and bitter, but he sees others with more pessimism than Reginald does, and has a knack for giving 'Reggie' advice too uncomfortable for others. They grew up supporting one another, Reginald helping to ease the pain in Koran's body and Koran helping Reginald to grow both honest and wise.[/sblock]

[sblock=Borl Limmersneck]
The younger brother of Koran, Borl was spoiled by his athletic father after it became obvious that Koran would never physically recover from the accident. He grew up strong, attractive, and muscular, though his whiny attitude and quick-temper has alienated some inside the village. He enjoyed picking on Koran and Reginald when they were teenagers, as Borl quickly grew stronger than the other two and resented that Koran grew closer to Reginald than to him. Borl is a major reason why Reginald is not as charismatic as he otherwise could have been.[/sblock]

[sblock=Rhea Kulde]
The head cook at the Montrose estate, she's a canny older woman in her 50's who's raised daughters and their daughters too. She's been in the castle since she was walking, and has learned much of men and women, lords and ladies, and how things work as opposed to how they're said to work. She took a young Seraphina Montrose under her wing, recognizing something of herself in a lonely and frightened child, and teaching her much. Some of it was even cooking.[/sblock]

[sblock=Penelope Widder]
A peasant girl that Seraphina befriended as a child in her frequent tendency to roam. As they both grew up, Seraphina meddled unrepentantly in her love life...ultimately playing a pivotal role in making sure she was married to a boy she was in love with, despite significant obstacles. Now in a well-to-do merchant's family, Penelope owes Seraphina a favor she has yet to collect on.[/sblock]

Locations of Note

[sblock=Merrywort Manor]
The Lancaster ancestral estate. Located on a hill overlooking the village near where the river exits from the hills, it is a sprawling estate, more villa than castle, though it does possess walls and towers. Much of the estate and surrounding lands are given to extensive gardens where herbs, flowers, and other plants are grown, as well as orchards in the hills and an extensive bee colony. There is a large brewery, as well as an alchemical laboratory. The staple of the family's wealth is the large production of simple healing potions, restoratives, poultices and healer's kits, and other such useful items. The brewery produces Merrywort Mead, a very sweet and potent local alcohol made of honey and merrywort. Much of the estate is fairly new (as in the last couple centuries) as the family business expanded. The Old Tower is the oldest part of the manor and the only part of the original castle left standing. It is derelict, nearly ready to fall over, occasionally used for storage. It was one of Elsinor's favorite places as a child. She would climb to the top -- against her parents' instructions -- to see the best view of the district anywhere in the village. Eventually she found access to the dungeons and catacombs beneath the Old Tower. She was nearly lost down there, but the tunnels are extensive and she never fully explored them. Who knows how truly extensive they are or where they might lead?[/sblock]

[sblock=Aashee Cairn]
Deep in the heart of the forested hills above Merrywort Manor is a large open glade. In the center of the glade is a mound. Around the mound are often found rings of mushrooms. Elsinor found this place on one of the many outings she took with her peasant friend Dyfed. Dyfed says it is a faerie mound and the mushrooms are faerie rings. But what does he know? He's just an ignorant peasant. But there was that one time when they came out on the night of the Summer Solstice and she thought she saw dancing lights and music. But when they got to the cairn, all was silent.[/sblock]

[sblock=The Flower Grove]
As Reginald learned more about the healing arts, he found it important to make constant visits to a place he likes to call the flower grove. It is the greenest location in the nearby forests, with a nearby creek of clean water flowing nearby and many different types of plants that help in his collection of fruits and roots that aid in his healing skills. It might just be his imagination, but Reginald swears that the waters from the stream seem to help in the recovery of aches and illness.[/sblock]

[sblock=The Limmersneck Farm]
Just outside of the village is the Limmersneck Farm, run by a seven family members and two aging oxen. They also have several sheep that they sheer to supply materials for the local looms. The Limmersneck family grows mostly wheat and barley, though Mrs. Limmersneck is known to experiment with a small plot of everchanging crops as part of her side hobby. They are a well-respected family that has been in the village for four generations, and are good friends with the Brightwater family of loomers.[/sblock]

[sblock=The Crumble]
Once known as Uldon's Watch, now often called Madman's Watch, the structure the smallfolk call The Crumble is the ruin of a keep built centuries before, in the days of the Thirteen Kings before the lands were brought together under one crown. Uldon was a warrior of renown, a lord known for his might and unflinching courage. However, he could not accept the notion of defeat...and as forces overran the land, he buttoned his household into their keep and put up a fierce resistance to sieging forces. In the end the siege was lifted simply because the land was sacked...but Uldon refused to let anyone out. Over the following days, and weeks, he became more and more paranoid that the enemy was still lurking outside, refusing to allow anyone to leave...and as food ran out, it's said that violence, famine and disease accomplished what catapults could not. While most people avoid the area now because of its colorful past and rumors of haunting, Seraphina was drawn to it. On finding that there was indeed some kind of haunting, she attempted to capture the spirit with a magic ritual...and after some misadventures managed to succeed![/sblock]

Going Shopping

[sblock=Weapons & Armor]
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[sblock=More Equipment]
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Lady Elsinor (Elsi) Lancaster

You were never quiet and demure, as some would have wished you to be. You grew up on tales of heroes, mighty deeds, and great battles. You learned the ways of war in secret and can now best any lad in the castle.


Name: Lady Elsinor Lancaster
Class/Level: Warrior/1
Alignment: Chaotic Good

STR 11 (+0), INT 14 (+1), WIS 11 (+0), DEX 11 (+0), CON 17 (+2), CHA 8 (-1)

AC: 14
BAB: +1
Initiative: 2
Fortune Points: 3
Hit Points: 12
Saving Throws: Poison 14, Breath Weapon 17, Polymorph 15, Spell 17, Magic Item 16

Class Abilities: Knacks (Defensive Fighter), Weapon Specialization (Lance for +1 to hit and +2 to damage)
Skills: Alertness, Etiquette, Herbalism
Starting Equipment: an ancient standard, dagger, a stashed dress, chainmail, (+4 AC), a tabard of your house, a lance, fine boots, and 23 silvers.

How did your noble family earn its name?

Tending the finest gardens and brewing the most helpful concoctions.

How did you distinguish yourself as a child?

Everyone has something to teach, and you learned a little from them all.

The other player characters were your best friends. Who else near your family’s estates befriended you while you were growing up?

Chafing under your family’s rules, you would sneak out at night and wander the woods with a peasant boy named Dyfed.

How did you become such a remarkable warrior?

Sir Nigel Chaucer, a landless knight who owed your parents a debt.

How did you finally earn the men’s respect?

A beast of legend attacked the local village and you were the one who drove it off.

Your father threw a tourney and you entered in secret. What happened there?

Seraphina Montrose was there with you. The very first round was a loss for you, but you learned a great deal from the defeat. Seraphina Montrose tended your wounds.

One night you went deeper beneath your family’s castle than ever before, into long abandoned dungeons, tunnels, and storerooms. What did you find?

Your family’s ancient standard, somewhat tattered but still bright.
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Name: Seraphina Montrose
Class/Level: Rogue-Mage/1
Alignment: Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic

STR 13 (+1), INT 13 (+1), WIS 12 (+0), DEX 10 (+0), CON 10 (+0), CHA 14 (+1)

AC: 12
BAB: +0
Initiative: 3
Fortune Points: 3
Hit Points: 8
Saving Throws: Poison 13, Breath Weapon 16, Polymorph 12, Spell 15, Magic Item 14

Class Abilities: Highly Skilled (which accounts for the higher number of skills your PC has), Spell Casting (you can cast cantrips and rituals but not spells)
Skills: Alertness, Athletics, Etiquette, Riding, Stealth
Cantrips: Hexing, Second Sight
Ritual: Unseen Servant
Starting Equipment: a token of love, a dagger, a weapon of your choice, leather armor (+2 AC), a bit of food and drink, a very attractive cloak, pouches full of oddments, and [roll0] silvers.

Description: A younger daughter of the noble House of Montrose, Seraphina makes a game of everything she does, laughing her way through life and getting past most problems with charm and wits. What most don't appreciate is that under all the merriment she takes this game very seriously indeed, and means to win on her own terms.


How did your noble family earn its name? House Montrose has a long and illustrious martial tradition, centered around an unbroken line of knighthood distinguished both in battle and tourney fields. A stalwart defender of the Crown and its own lands, they are as known for their ponderous adherence to honor as the skill of their combatants.

How did you distinguish yourself as a child? As a younger daughter, Sera quickly apprehended that her main inherent value was as marriage fodder for whatever border lord might try to make an appealing deal to her father. Rather than bemoan her fate, she set out to change it. Always a bundle of energy, she spent every hour of every day it seemed, poking her nose in other folks' business and learning from them. Soon enough she was using that knowledge to make herself essential around the castle and household.

The other player characters were your best friends. Who else near your family’s estates befriended you while you were growing up? Of all people, the one who proved the most influential in Sera's life was the castle cook, Rhea. An older woman who'd been in the castle since apprenticing under her mother, Rhea had served meals to kings and maids, listened to more drunken confessions than she could count, and had overheard more in the kitchens than the eagerest of spies could ever dream. She took Sera under her wing, and encouraged her in her endeavors to keep herself free. Well, as free as any noblewoman ever could be.

How did you learn to get your way? By the time she was in her teens, Sera was such a normal sight around the castle that it was easy to forget she was around. Not to mention, she was quite good at keeping quiet and out of sight while on her many errands. Overhearing things and catching sight of things turned out to be a very good way of exerting gentle pressures, to make sure suitors turned attentions elsewhere.

What was your favorite pastime? While getting into mischief and flirting were entertaining, Seraphina loved scaling the castle walls after dark...avoiding the watchful eyes of the guards...and lighting out for a nearby hill on which squatted the dank, mossy flagstones of an old keep now in ruins. Once called Uldon's Watch, since its fall it was more commonly called Madman's Watch, or by the smallfolk simply The Crumble. Reputed to the haunted, few folk went there. Those same rumors drew Seraphina like a fly to honey though.

You dallied with forces beyond your ken. How did you save yourself with the help of a friend? It turned out the rumors of a haunting at Madman's Watch were true after all. After her first, terrifying (but exhilarating!) encounter with it, Sera started doing odd jobs for the local chantry and nicking looks at their books of forbidden rituals. Over a few weeks she took notes from her memory and pieced together what she thought was a spell that would bind a spirit to herself. Unfortunately, the ritual was miscast, and the spirit was instead freed from its fettering to the Crumble! It pursued Seraphina back to her castle and started making all kinds of merry hell. Fortunately a man of devout faith was on hand, and was able through his powers to hold the spirit at bay as Seraphina enacted the ritual again...this time correcting her previous error. It worked, and the spirit became bound to her will as a familiar.

You have amassed an assortment of oddities throughout your life, some of which you don’t even remember. What is your favorite? Though she has done many people many favors over the years, one of the most notable was for a peasant girl whom she'd befriended while still young named Penelope. One day the girl developed something of a crush on the son of a successful merchant, and Seraphina pulled in some favors to arrange a meeting. She then befriended the boy as well, pretending not to know Penelope, and worked both sides of the situation to help the couple overcome the obstacles and obtain the blessings of their parents for marriage. She likes to tease Penelope about still owing her for that...something Penelope readily admits.

Deuce Traveler

Name: Reginald Brightwater
Class/Level: Mage/1
Alignment: Neutral

STR 10 (+0), INT 14 (+1), WIS 16 (+2), DEX 13 (+1), CON 10 (+0), CHA 9 (+0)

AC: 11
BAB: +0
Initiative: 2
Fortune Points: 3
Hit Points: 6
Saving Throws: Poison 14, Breath Weapn 15, Polymorph 13, Spell 12, Magic Item 11

Class Abilities: Sense Magic, Spell Casting
Skills: Healing, Religious Lore, Weaving
Cantrips: Blessing, Hexing
Ritual: Mage Armor
Spells: Mystical Shield, Obscurement
Starting Equipment: a silver spoon, a knife, simple clothing, an ancient holy symbol, a stout walking staff, and 4d6 silvers.

What did your parents do in the village? What did you learn from them? Reginald Brightwater worked the loom, cutting and twisting as the Fates. Everyone in the family did, for that labor was how they earned their trade, and why they were connected to families such as the Limmersneck Family, who possessed sheered wool to be worked. The products eventually became fabric for use by the locals.

How did you distinguish yourself as a child? There wasn’t a game Reginald couldn’t win. While this often resulted in confidence with others, children often would rather not have him join in their games. This left the boy confident in his abilities, but awkward and slightly shy in conversation.

The other player characters were your best friends. Who else in the village befriended you while you were growing up? The grizzled mercenary who settled in town taught Reginald a thing or two. He was Uncle Brightwater, who had left for adventure when papa was not yet an adult. He came back with scars, a haunted look from some tragedy he doesn't speak of, and a sour disposition, but is always ready to encourage Reginald as the son he never had. Also, Reginald's best friend is Koran Limmersneck, a slightly crippled lad that he had grown up alongside. Koran and Reginald support each other often and are as close as brothers.

What else happened to you as you began your life of service? The miller’s daughter was badly injured in an accident. Heeding the voice of a god, Reginald tended her back to health when all others thought it a lost cause. This was Brightwater's awakening as a cleric. The Miller family spoil him when he comes by, though daughter Heather Miller worries that the scars she earned will turn her ugly as an adult. She still has a few winters before it really becomes a concern.

What is the gods’ task for you? To travel the lands, doing the gods’ work. Reginald is blessed with the following magics: the spell Obscurement, the ritual Mage Armor, and the cantrip Hexing. Brightwater's father does not want him to leave, though his uncle is prodding and encouraging him.

When you were most in need, the gods aided you. When were you most desperate? The Dwarven Runecaster was there with you. A strange, small man with knotted skin was attacking those who came near the old mine. You confronted the creature, holding it at bay while your friend struck it with iron and sent it running. The Dwarven Runecaster drove off the creature.

Which of the old gods is particularly fond of you? A goddess of oaths, pride, and the hearth. But Sarrea is a goddess of protection, too, which is why she also grants spells that allow stealth and protection. Sarrea's people have often resided on frontiers and the wild, full of both life and danger.

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