TSR Pelinore


Anyone ever play, or pay attention to, Pelinore? A read up on it after seeing a Facebook post about it. It was created by TSR UK in their short-lived “Imagine” magazine, and the even shorter-lived Gamemaster Publications after TSR layoffs.

it sounds vaguely interesting, but never really used.

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It's my favorite classic D&D setting, bar none. It cleaves closer to WFRP than standard D&D, and I like that. A shame that Imagine and Gamemaster Publications were killed before it was fleshed out more.
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I got Imagine magazine issue #30 from Noble Knight to check out its Pelinore content. They wasn’t much I could do with it - a description of a small insane asylum.


It seem like there wasn't much done for it.
I suspect either you need to collect a lot of copies of Imagine, and its successor, to pull it together into something coherent, or maybe earlier issues had more extensive setting content.

The most interesting thing in this issue to me was Neil Gaiman wrote movie reviews for it.

Imagine was the house magazine for TSR UK.

The issue I bought: #30 Battleystem Scenario, Vikings, Icelanders, Pelinore - Imagine from TSR

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