Pathfinder 2E Performance: how does this skill work in Pathfinder 2e?


Hi everybody, pretty much what the title says: how does the performance skill work in PF2e, using Rules As Written? I mean, if you're trained in Performance, does it mean that you're automatically trained in singing, acting, dancing, playing all sorts of instruments and things like that? Or do you have to select specific subskills, like dancing etc. and train in each of them (but I don't think so...)? Or is it just left in the vague, for the GM and the payers to decide?
Many thanks!

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Rules for the Performance Skill
Performance Skill Feats

The Performance skill is all types of performance unified. Whenever you use the Performance skill you pick the type of performance, which determines what traits the performance has (i.e. visual, linguistic, auditory, etc). There are specific items you can buy to get a bonus to certain performance types, and a skill feat you can take to get a bonus to one type of performance. By default the only uses for Performance are to display your competency using 1 action, or to Earn Income during downtime. There is a level 1 skill feat that lets you Fascinate an opponent using Performance, as well as one that lets you Make an Impression using Performance rather than Diplomacy. On it's own Performance is a rather threadbare skill mostly used for making money during downtime.

In general the Bard is the one class that cares about investing in Performance, as some of their class features and feats key off of it. Counter Performance is a good example of this; it's a focus spell that allows you to react against an enemy use of an Auditory or Visual ability that causes a saving throw (which is very common), letting you roll Performance once and let yourself and all allies within 60 ft. choose the Performance roll or their saving throw roll to determine the outcome.

In addition to bard, Battledancer Swashbucklers use Performance to get Panache. It's considered a strong option since it lets you target multiple enemies and only one needs to fail the save for you to get panache.

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