D&D 5E Perilous Places: The King's Mercy


I'm pleased to announce my first product on DM's Guild, Perilous Places: The King's Mercy. My half of the cover price is being donated to The Alzheimer's Society. Here is the link::


Abandon hope all ye who enter! Can you survive the horrors of the King’s Mercy?

The Dungeon witnessed the torture of innocents, the barbaric inflicting of pain on the guilty, and the pleasure the staff took from it. Acts so depraved that the very fabric of the dungeon could not help but absorb these evils. And so it sits, waiting to share its suffering with anyone that intrudes within.
There are only two things the King’s Mercy knows: humans can be as depraved as the vilest monsters they hunt…. and misery loves company.

Perilous Places: The King's Mercy is a toolkit for running gripping and terrifying adventures in a dungeon created for torture. This 20 page PDF features:

  • 3 brand new monsters
  • 3 unique magic items
  • the Despair Track, an innovative new mechanic for measuring how the PCs are handling the horrors of the dungeon

Written by Paul Baalham, co-author of Defenders of Midgard, and the Midgard Bonus Bestiary for 4th Edition (both Kobold Press)

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