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D&D 5E Petition: Add Goodman Games' official "OAR" module series to Wizards' support platforms (D&D Beyond, DMs Guild Storylines & Content Creation)

Since Goodman Games' "Original Adventures Reincarnated" (OAR) module series are officially licensed products of Wizards of the Coast, and feature the official D&D logo, I think it's odd that these products don't receive the same support as other storylines.


OAR #6: The Temple of Elemental Evil
OAR #5: Castle Amber
OAR #4: The Lost City
OAR #3: Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
OAR #2: The Isle of Dread
OAR #1: Into The Borderlands

I request that the OAR series be supported in the following ways:

1) Include their content in D&D Beyond.
2) List them in the "Storylines" sidebar at the DMs Guild, alongside Tyranny of Dragons, etc.
3) Explicitly open up their settings to DMs Guild content creation. If not all of Mystara and Greyhawk (but why not?), then open at least the mini-settings seen in their local maps. (For example, open the Isle of Dread mini-setting, but not the Mystaran Known World continental map seen in X1.) List these mini-settings in the "Approved Settings" section.

Anyone else down with that?

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I crit!
There are other things that have that logo that are not I. DnDBeyond. I’d love to see it but I don’t have high hopes.

Here’s to wishing though.

I don't think there is much point in a petition. It's something that will happen if both companies see a commercial advantage in negotiating a deal to that effect.

The big issue is if a product is sold through D&D Beyond, how much of the profit goes to Goodman Games, and how much does the store owner (WotC) keep?

That would be neat, but the odds of Wizards agreeing seems slim, petition or not. They haven't opened up the Saltmarsh region either, and that's a first-party product.

But hey, I'll "sign" anyway.
Yeah, Saltmarsh ought to be included too. Wouldn't have to open up the whole World of Greyhawk, just the Saltmarsh region as a mini-setting.

bedir than

Full Moon Storyteller
I think there's a huge opportunity for these "2nd party*" creations in DnDBeyond. The less convoluted rights situation may help us see things like OAR, Baker's Eberron and certain other select books that tread the line between official and 3rd party on Beyond.

Opening up more Guild won't happen until a full setting book comes out officially (which is why Eberron is open).

*these aren't technically 2nd party, but I think it conveys the vibe if not technically true.

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