Pathfinder 1E [PF] Advise Me On: Gestalt Synthesist|Ninja

It's looking like I might--maybe possibly--actually get to play the character concept that's been a-buzz in my brain for some weeks now, so I figure I should turn to you lovely people to get advice on how to do it well. First, the theme, e.g. why I care about this unusual gestalt mix in the first place.

[sblock=Consider the Following]A half-elf and trained archaeologist, Orendil Mythwyn, youngest son of a famous elf wizarding family, a real nerd's nerd, who stumbled into powerful magic (his Summoner abilities) on a dig. Think Dr. Daniel Jackson from the film Stargate (and the first season or two of the show): weedy, weak, ill-suited to hard labor, but a true academic and actually pretty good at the diplomacy thing, too. On a dig, he finds an ancient metal disk, which speaks to him. Long ago--maybe thousands of years--a civilization flourished here, and two great spiritual dragons, one LG* and one CE, fought a terrible battle. Exactly evenly matched, eventually the good dragon, with help from mortal mages, made the ultimate sacrifice, to be bound in eternal combat with the evil dragon, in an extradimensional space bound to the disk.

Classic story, right? Well, nobody ever talks about the aftermath of this story--nobody ever considers that spending "eternity" fighting may just make you wear out. Eventually, the evil dragon decided that keeping on fighting wasn't worth it anymore, so it "threw" the fight in a way that meant the other dragon-spirit killed it...exactly as the evil spirit intended. Its enemy would be trapped forever, alone, unable to escape--what better way to die than to have such sweet revenge? That was a long time ago, and the good spirit is shocked at the opportunity to potentially escape its prison when Orendil finds it. They form a pact, enabling the dragon-spirit to partially bond with him--it can't fully return into the world at large, but it can get some freedom and actually DO things. This grants Orendil increased physical power and accelerated learning of magical techniques. There is, however, the lingering power of the evil dragon-spirit...which also manifests, as his newfound ninja abilities!

So Orendil adventures out in the world, righting wrongs, protecting innocents, etc., bringing his spirit more into line with the dragon's. The spiritual magic acts as a catalyst for his arcane potential, and he manifests a Figment+Sage Familiar, a little blot of the good dragon-spirit's essence detached from his body, dispensing wisdom. As he continues his learning, he works to master the esoteric secrets of creating Wondrous Items like the disk, hoping to find a way to set the spirit free. His prodigious talent has caught the eye of a team of heroic-minded adventurers working to save the world from the villains that plague it.

*Eidolons always have the same alignment as their Summoner, and since I'm almost incorrigibly LG-leaning when I play, LG it is![/sblock]
For short: Imagine Iron Man crossed with Doctor Strange, or Batman crossed with Doctor Fate, minus the billionaire-playboy parts; tapping Outsider magic, having a magic super-suit, and building magic gizmos for himself and allies.

In raw mechanical terms:
Orendil Mythwyn
LG Half-elf Summoner(Synthesist)|Ninja(Scout)
Intended feats:
Half-elf: Skill Focus Knowledge(Planes)
1st: Extra Evolution
3rd: Craft Wondrous Item
5th: Eldritch Heritage(Arcane) (for familiar)
Higher levels: As many Extra Evolutions as I can fit, while still grabbing useful combat feats, fun tricks (Improved EH if it gets me spells...), and maybe another crafting feat. Ninja Tricks and Rogue Talents to pick up bonus feats will be a godsend on this front.

Ability scores TBA, I don't know what our point-buy value is (or if we're gonna roll). Would welcome advice for varying PB amounts. We'll be starting at "high level," which I take to be somewhere above level 10, probably not higher than 15. Half-elf chosen both for Summoner FCB (+1/4 evo point) and Adaptability (automatically qualfied for Eldritch Heritage). Will also ask if I can get the Human Rogue FCB (+1/6 Rogue talent). Since I'll be taking Skilled evolutions to pick up fat racial skill bonuses, I'm trading Keen Senses for something else (very strongly considering Fey Magic, would welcome advice as to what spells to pick up).

What advice can you guys give me to keep this guy flavorful and competent, without outshining others in the party? I don't yet know what things other people will play, apart from the high likelihood that at least one person will be X|Vigilante because the game is superhero-themed.

Edit: Well, looks like the superhero game might not happen...none of the people offering to DM have said much in several days. However, a different game-offering has appeared, with some...tweaks. Lots of bonus feats (2 extra at first level, +1 at every multiple of 4), but we must use an Unchained version if it's available, and we do only get 1 FCB per level (I figured as much, but it was worth asking.)

So I guess I might go Neutral Good instead and have an Agathion Eidolon (fluffed as a draconal), since that dovetails quite well with my concept, and is among the better choices. I'm going to ask if I can use the Everyman Gaming Unchained Ninja as well, it's not much different but does benefit from the Unchained Rogue's superior finesse thing (+Dex to damage instead of Str).
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I don't normally bump my threads but...well, it's kind of shocking to have no replies whatsoever after nearly a month. Is this place really so dead? I'm a little disturbed, frankly. I step away for a year or so and it seems like the entire optimization community on ENWorld just evaporates.


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I have nothing useful to add at this stage obviously, but your character looks fun. Did you ever get to play them?


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