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Release PF2: Polymorph: Battle Form Automation!



After adding support for Pathfinder 2e Society Characters in the previous version (see video), TOS 2nd PRO edition has received yet another powerful update.

The Battle Forms of many 'Polymorph' spells have been integrated!

This works with any of the Polymorph spells listed below. After selecting your Form, the Dashboard will automatically be updated with the statistics of your NEW form. This includes all aspects, from the Armor class, speeds, temporary HPs, Weapon load-outs etc...

For more information about TOS 2nd PRO edition, check out the Beginner's Guide video or the Website.
You can also join our Discord server should you have any questions.

The Only Sheet

Polymorph Battle Forms supported:

  • Aerial Form
  • Animal Form
  • Avatar
  • Dinosaur Form
  • Dragon Form
  • Elemental Form
  • Insect Form
  • Monstrosity Form
  • Nature Incarnate
  • Pest Form
  • Plant Form
  • Primal Herd
  • Righteous Might
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