Pathfinder 2E [PF2e tool] TOS 2nd PRO edition v.18 adds 3x source books



TOS 2ᴺᴰ PRO edition has been updated with 3x more sourcebooks:
1️⃣ Absalom: City of Lost Omens
2️⃣ Lost Omens: Travel Guide
3️⃣ Lost Omens: Impossible Lands

These bring the total number of source books supported to 18!

TOS 2ᴺᴰ PRO edition is the powerful Excel Character Manager for Pathfinder 2ᴺᴰ edition.

Check Nonat1s's video here for a quick overview of the tool (based on the older v5 edition) and/or the home page (link below) for more details.

Happy Gaming!
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