2000AD Piledriver Exploit

Andrew Dixon

So I have some questions about the Piledriver exploit after it was used in our game this week

Piledriver Exploit says:
"You grab your opponent, lift him, and then drop to the ground, driving his head into the ground. Both you and your opponent end up prone. The exploit costs 2d6 and, if successful, the target takes double damage and gains the Dazed condition."

  1. If the attack roll misses, does the attacker drop to the ground or is that a bit harsh?
  2. If successful and they end up prone do both of them get the Downed condition?
  3. Or does going/being prone just give the combat modifiers of -1d6 for ranged/+2d6 melee
my thought is a miss on the attack means the attacker has over balanced and fallen over going prone, but can get up on their next action [or spend a LUC] and just get the combat mods -1d6/+2d6

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
1. If it misses, nothing happens. As the GM could you decide to overrule that if you prefer a bit more realism, but it is a little harsh.
2. No, they gain the Dazed condition.
3. Yep!

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