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Kickstarter Planar Compass Issue 2 [OSE] [Zine Quest]


Hello Friends,

Just wanted to share our submission to Zine Quest 3:


Planar Compass Issue 2

Planar Compass is a zine designed for Old-School Essentials. This issue is all about traveling between the planes by sailing across the astral sea.

  • Monsters to fill your journeys with threat! Maybe where you come from your crew is the biggest and baddest around, but out in the wild uncharted waters you could be a tasty morsel. Will you hunt for a legendary trophy? Will you be hunted down by an unfathomable monster?
  • Astral navigation and sailing to chart your ways across the sea of souls! Goblin's Henchman joins the crew to provide hex flowers that will generate hours and hours of adventure.
  • A Living Dungeon most foul that will pursue you across the waters of the Astral Sea. Crafted with the great Goblin's Henchman, this hex-flower will generate a truly revolting good time!
  • Astral ships to take you across the sea of souls and to new planes of existence.
  • Pirates and Scoundrels of all types!
Thanks for your time!

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Just a quick update as our campaign draws to a close. There are less than 2 days left and we have unlocked all our stretch goals. Our team has now grown to 7 members! Here's a quick summary of those people:

D.M. Wilson & Sarah Brunt (writers) - the weavers of dungeon dreams return!

Chris Downey (lead artist) - back again to conjure otherworldly forms to the page!

Goblin’s Henchman (writer) - the hex master himself has collaborated with us on astral navigation and a living dungeon to pursue you across the waters!

Mike Lake (artist) - joining the art team to bring you new visions within the waves!

Jared Sinclair (editor) - make word look good better no random capitalization problemos!

Micah Anderson (layout artist) - with their layout this zine will be in a peerless class!

We also went live with Tony from One Plus XP last night and you can watch a recording of that video here.

Have a great weekend and happy zine questing!

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