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Reeks of Jedi

Over on Audible (and possibly elsewhere, used to be a podcast I guess) some fans made a really good audio drama based on the PS Torment video game. It's completely free (if you use audible). Fully voice acted and described. Uses text and music straight out of the game. I can't express how good a job they've done.

It's like 30+ episodes about 15 minutes each give or take. I listen at 1.5 speed and it sounds fine. 2X it got too weird with the music etc.

If you are a fan of the game, the setting, or just want a good D&D/Planescape audio drama, can't beat free-ish.
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Free with an Audible subscription. I'll have to try and remember to check it out the next time a title comes up that I want to resubscribe for.

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