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While that's true, IMO Faces of Sigil & the Factol's Manifesto were vastly better books, both with interesting info on Sigil, and many adventure hooks.

I agree. I love Faces of Sigil. I reference it all the time for ideas. But if a person just wants info on Sigil, then In the Cage is the book to get.

If a person wants some fluff to spice up events within Sigil, then Faces of Sigil & the Factol's Manifesto are great books for that. Mostly, you'll just learn what is going on in Sigil and who is doing it. Not so much about the city itself.

Although, the Factol's Manifesto does have a lot of great maps & info on the Faction headquarter buildings.

It just makes it hard to suggest only two Planescape books when there are so many great (and useful) ones to choose from. :lol:


I think it depends on how you're going to use Sigil.

If it's just a base of operations, in a larger planar campaign, and the focus isn't on the kriegstanz in Sigil, then In the Cage is good enough. It fleshes out the city as described in the boxed set, and gives lots of different locations for the PCs to use.

If you're going to run things on the faction politics go with The Factol's Manifesto instead, as it describes the politics among the factions in depth and gives a lot of detail on the factions. You can always make up locations in Sigil as needed since it's such a big city.

Uncaged: Faces of Sigil isn't bad, but it's the least essential of the three. It's basically a rogue's gallery for the setting. Some of the NPCs are first described in In the Cage anyway, though Uncaged fully stats them out. I would still not recommend it first though.

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