Play D&D-ish* RPGs with us Tuesday nights European time.


I am looking to start an English language D&D group that will play online every other Tuesday night (European time). Check out my pitch at the link below, and get in touch (here on ENWorld) if you are looking for something like that. Tuesday D&D-ish in Engl-ish - SonntagsHelden - Deine Rollenspiel Gemeinschaft aus Berlin We're still at the beginning of figuring out what material we want to play, but check out the list we have thus far, and see if the style fits you. I am based in Berlin, so anyone local give me a shout!


* D&D-ish. You know, Dungeons and Dragons, or Shadowdark, or Dungeon Crawl Classics, or 13th Age or Shadow of the Demonlord. Traditional fantasy stuff, going over into OSR and mixing in a lot of story gaming techniques where helpful.

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