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Players looking for D&D 3.5 DM on San Francisco Peninsula


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We're 6 professionals in our mid-thirties in the San Mateo area, we all just came back to D&D after various absences and levels of commitments. We're having a ton of fun and I'm DM'ing, but I'm only expecting to be the group's "starter DM" until we find somebody who's got a lot more experience and who enjoys it more than I do. We're in the middle of a short campaign and could introduce a new DM in the next couple of months.

Given family commitments, we're only able to get together once a month (Sunday afternoons). Any DMs out there looking for players?
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Looking for another player?

I can’t believe your description. I live in San Mateo, am in my mid 30's, professional, many years off and wanted to play again - once (or at the most twice) a month. I am not an experienced DM though. Any interest in a guest player appearance?

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