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Gamers Wanted! [Players Wanted] The Dark Eye PBP Game on RPOL


Hey folks,

A slot is available over on rpol.net for any who wish to join a stalwart party in exploring the Realms of Aventuria! Its still accepting players, so if you have been hankering for a play by post TDE fix, here is your chance:

Currently the group of heroes consisting of an Andergastan Knight, a Gladiator, an Adepta from the Great Grey Guild of the Mind, an Outlander warrioress from the frozen north & a non guild affiliated mage have joined a Dwarf driven merchant wagon of goods and curiosities to search for a fallen star. After a few adventures they are now in the sleepy village of Oldenbridge, which has come under the shadow of a grievous crime of theft from the resident temple of praios.

I have had some players leave and the game has slowed down as a result; therefor I need new blood. You can chosoe one of the existing characters whose players have departed, or generate your own.

You can apply here after reading through the Game Background & RTJ thread: