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Coming Please join the 3d20 TTRPG YouTube?


Hey, everyone! I believe this is the correct section to put this.

I have been working on my own personal setting/TTRPG since 2019 (different from other settings & projects). It started as a hobby, however, the more I do it the more I I want to show it off little-by-little.

I started a YouTube where I will go over bits about the game in the form of YouTube shorts. If you can, help me out by Subscribing to the channel, liking any videos as well as leaving a comment, and also sharing the videos in a like-minded community.

Here is a link for the channel - 3d20 TTRPG

And, thank you for any support or interest you may have!

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An Introduction to the channel - Introduction

A slight explanation of the Core Mechanics - Core Mechanics

A small description of the game's setting - Setting

Unveiling the Martial Roles - Martial Roles reveal

I will update this thread with more videos as they come out. Please check them out, give a follow, comment on the videos with what you hope to hear about next, and, please share them around. Thank you!

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