Release Pleiades-class Light Freighter is now available!

The Pleiades-class Light Freighter is now available in PDF from Drive-thru RPG and the Independence Games webstore!

IG Webstore: Pleiades-class Light Freighter

DTRPG: Pleiades-class Light Freighter - Independence Games | Clement Sector | Earth Sector |

Compact and ready to go!

Need a freighter? On a budget? We have the ship for you!

Smaller sister ship to the venerable Atlas-class, the Pleiades is a 300 tonne light freighter designed in competition to the Rucker-class. Perfect for a crew who are carrying cargo and campaigning through Earth Sector or Clement Sector!

This book features both the TL11 version of the Pleiades common in Clement Sector and the TL13 version often found in Earth Sector. Also featured is the Dustmote-class variant of the Pleiades designed to remain insystem and is shown here in both the TL11 version found in Clement Sector and the TL13 version found in Earth Sector.

The book fully details the ship with deckplans by Michael Johnson and beautiful art by Ian Stead.

Climb aboard!


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