Press Plus One Exp Launches RPG Zine Club October 5th


It is a golden age of indie and small-press RPGs. For the last 3 years, Plus One has made it our mission to help new indie creators and small press imprints get their products onto tables worldwide. Our highest goal is to create more sustainable and equitable pathways to getting games made and played. Now, we want to take on our most ambitious product yet.
RPG Zine Club.
What is RPG Zine Club?
Zine Club is a monthly membership subscription service featuring fresh zines from emerging and expanding creators across the globe. It’s our way of inviting GMs, players, and zine lovers everywhere to invest more intentionally in the creative community. It’s crowdsourced support without crowdfunding.

Zine Club Features
  • Monthly Releases: Each we put out 2 20-44 page saddle stitch zines.
  • 3 Different Flavors of Membership: Pick from Story Zines, Adventure Zines & All The Zines.
  • Pick Your Format: Get the Print+Digital or Digital Only for your favorite titles.
  • The Clubhouse Discord: A section of our online community for club members to discuss & play new titles.
  • Best Price: Your Subscription guarantees you the best price for each title during the month it is released.
  • Private Subscription Portal: A place where you can manage your subscription, add products, or change info.
  • Select Your Frequency: Monthly, every other month, something else? You pick how often new titles arrive.
  • Only Get What You Want: If this month’s release isn’t your jam pause for a month and pick back up.
  • Miss A Month?: No worries, add recent titles to this month’s order.
  • Annual Surprise!: Get a special surprise each February after your 1st anniversary.
  • Special Content: Access to interviews, how-to-play videos, and special content for Zine Club titles.
  • Free Pizza?: Fill out one of our RPG Zine Club Passports and redeem it for free pizza at events!
  • New & Known Designers: We source the best voices from across the RPG design community. We curate zines based on community interest and feedback to help you discover your new favorite creators.
  • DIE Focus: Plus One is committed to championing diversity, inclusion, and equity in our projects. Creators with diverse experiences make our community better. Zine Club prioritizes creating equity for all our creators.
  • More Than A Purchase: Your subscriptions will let us invest more heavily in our print partners and provide them with potentially life-changing support by consolidating scores or hundreds of purchases as the club grows.

What’s a Zine?
A lot of things, but for Zine Club our zines are ½ or ¼ page size game books with 20-44 games that are staple bound and made by independent creators or small teams from around the globe.

What A Story Game?
Narrative games, lyric games, slice of life, romance & more. Bespoke games for telling stories you love or popular systems like PBTA, Carved from Brindlewood & Belonging Outside Belonging.

What’s An Adventure Game?
Elf games, space games, old school, dungeons & more. Bespoke games for going on adventures or adventures fo systems like Cairn, Down We Go, B/X D&D, Mork Borg, Mothership & Through The Void.

What If I Want Both Types?
But I want them both you say! No problem, if you want to get All The Zines zines each month you can!

We will even give you a little discount for doing so.

Retail Option
If you own a game store we even have retail options just for you. Get new products sent to your store each month along with digital play aids and tools for hosting your own Zine Club events.

Zine Club Zine Links
Get notified for the launch RPGZine.Club
Join the club on October 3rd at RPGZine.Club
Plus One General Links
You can find all us @PlusOneExp on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.
You can find our content at or
Or you can find our store at

What Are People Saying?

“Zine Club is an exciting way to share indie games with a wide audience. The initiative will bring dozens of new games to print and its flexibility will ensure the zines are affordable for subscribers. Zine Club is the natural next step for Plus One Exp on their mission to amplify quality content from diverse creators.”

Sebastian Yūe, Constellation RPG Zine Anthology Curator
"More voices making more zines the best thing I've heard from TTRPGs since the announcement of Zine Month!! I can't wait to find out who my new favorite zinesters are going to be!!"

Kyle "Map Crow" Latino
"Diversify your bookshelf! RPG Zine Club is such a simple, brilliant idea: get dope indie zines without having to hunt them down. I’ll be there day one."

Johan Nohr,
Mork Borg
“I would like to have all of the zines. Especially the ones that are games.”

Adam Vass,
World Champ Game Co

SuperDillin | Navaar Jackson | Kayla Dice | Josh Hittie | Kyle Tam | Michael Van Vleet
Pammu | Lucas Rolim | Meghan Cross | Viditya Violeti | Justin Vandermeer & More

Great Games To Come.Great Designers To Discover

For Addition Questions or to Schedule An Interview Contact


From The Team
I started dreaming up Zine Club last year. I didn’t even know that’s what I was doing at the time. I noticed that Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms rob creators of the excitement around the moment of release because that energy is spent months in advance on the excitement of funding. I wanted to figure out the best way to build a community of folks who could help creators share the excitement of what it’s like to hold your game in your hands for the 1st time as a creator. A community that can take a better stab at unified but critical conversations by reading, playing & sharing the same games. To build pathways of equity by connecting players and readers with the designers directly through our platform and content.
I wanted to find a way to make small games feel big.

At Plus One we have always been obsessed with building more sustainable pathways that help small creators get their games played. It’s influenced the type of games we cover & publish, but also our involvement in organizing events like 28 Dollars/28 Days, Troikafest, MutualRPGs, Zine Month & other online events.

For us sustainability means looking at how we build pathways of inclusion, amplification, and equity for designers. Sustainability is about looking at what is best for the people we work with and for the ones we will work with in the future. Designers who we work with are bought on more than publishing their game. They are designers who want to build a better community for the designers that come after them.. With the company coming back into my control, and bringing on Kegan & Sarah as co-owners, this seemed like an ideal way to mark the future of where we want to head as a brand. Sustainable, investing in the future of the community, and a hell of a lot of fun along the way. Tony Vasinda, Co-Owner and Chief Alchemist of Plus One Exp

Funding an RPG print is hard and expensive even for folks with the money and means to do it. Funding those same projects as someone without the same access to capital, knowledge bases, or industry contacts is significantly harder frequently bordering on the impossible. Unfortunately the companies with the ability to really make a difference so often choose to chase a sure thing instead of taking a swing on cooler smaller projects that don't have the same large commercial appeal due to a number of factors. The thing that makes Zine Club so exciting is it isn't just about taking a swing for the little guy, it's about creating a community where we can celebrate and uplift the designers and games so often left out of the conversation entirely. A community where we hope these games get played, and loved, and in doing so we push the needle, however small an amount we can, toward more diverse voices and stories. - KeganExe, Content Necromancer & Co-Owner of Plus One Exp

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