D&D 5E Point buy vs roll

Which method fo you use for generating ability scores?

  • Point buy

  • Roll

  • Both

  • Other (please explain)

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Golden Procrastinator
I vary ability score generation methods by campaign. I use the ones that lean into the campaign concept or theme better. No need to stick to just one method all the time in my view.
I find this very reasonable. I tend to vary the rules a bit from campaign to campaing. However, so far, I've only used point buy for abilities.


Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
My players choose from the available methods for their PCs. For NPCs, I roll ability scores when needed using different methods depending on whether it's a "classed" character or not.


I've used both and I definitely prefer point buy overall. Rolled stats just end up with a party member having what's essentially a fodder character who is often destined to die pretty fast.

That said when I next make a character in person with my group I'll probably use rolled as I've not had a chance in ages. I don't roll stats in online play for obvious reasons.

If allowed to choose, point buy, every time. I hate playing "ability roulette." (Though I also strongly dislike that 5e allows rolled scores that are systematically better than PB ones--indeed, the average roll should be better, but odds are good at least one player's array will be worse, so it's very literally "hope the dice don't screw you this time, and thus for the entire rest of this character's life!" Because nothing feels like a fun fantasy adventure like being accidentally kneecapped before you even start playing...)


My group has pretty much only used point buy in our 5e games. Sometimes we reconfigure the point buy (more points, wider range of scores, feat buying) but the basis has always been a point buy.

I threw out the idea of rolling stats for our upcoming campaign but was ultimately shot down. I will say that a stat draft would be amazing to try out.

I just learned of the 'Holy Grail' method. I will be using it in my next game.



We use point-buy, standard array, or roll d8+7 seven times, drop lowest. This allows for random rolling while keeping the same range (8 - 15) that the other methods have.

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