Poll : Do you allow godless clerics?

Do you like/allow clerics without a diety?

  • I don't like godless clerics for mechanical reasons.

    Votes: 14 5.4%
  • I don't like godless clerics for flavor/homebrew gameworld reasons.

    Votes: 115 44.6%
  • I don't like godless clerics for other reasons I will outline below.

    Votes: 5 1.9%
  • I'm OK with godless clerics.

    Votes: 76 29.5%
  • I love godless clerics!

    Votes: 40 15.5%
  • I never knew you could have a cleric without a patron god until reading this thread...

    Votes: 8 3.1%

I'm A Banana

Indeed, the 'godless cleric' concept is key to the monotheistic campaign setting I'm developing....which ostensibly draws from Jewish, Catholic, and Muslim folklore and tradition for supernatural beings. That mechanic lets me leave vague the question of which side the One True God actually favors, yet allow full clerics with full spell progression on all sides of the faith. Their magic comes from their belief that their way is right...and whether it actually is or not is up to the individual character to decide. :)

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