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Plane Sailing

Astral Admin - Mwahahaha!
"Flavor should be backed up by game rules." YES, YES, YES!

I'm surprised that so many voters have said no o0

As for DR, yes, there should be monsters with DR, but simple like that DR5/Cold Iron. Cold Iron or nothing or 5 RD. No more "better elements work as cold iron"...

If it was just voting on the dwarfish axe business, I would have voted 'no'. However, I really had difficulty with the dissociation of flavour and mechanics in 4e, so I voted 'yes'

It seems to that that isamuchbigger issue of flavour and mechanics.

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Plane Sailing

Astral Admin - Mwahahaha!
On the dr question, I'm mostly in favour of a mix of myth and common sense.

Thus I like to skeletons with dr against piercing weapons (although I suppose you could just give them a big ac boost!)

I like to see creatures that are essentially living stone or metal (like golems) with dr 20/+2 to relfect that unless you have a really magical weapon it is difficult to hurt them. Similar for incorporeal creatures.

I'd like to see fire elementals have a lot of resistance to fire (not immunity though- fewer immunities thanks).


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I'm all about bumping up the hit points and vulnerability causing double damage. That might be house ruled no matter what officially comes out in 5e. I'm ok with a fire elemental being immune to fire, I wouldn't have a problem if it gave it temp hit points too (like shambling mound and lightning).
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I never liked Dr or +x to hit. I prefer each supernatural defense to be different and flavorful.

My ghosts require held breath (Reflex and Fort rolls) to be targeted and effected by anything. My werewolves channel wolf stamina; have high Ac, saves, and HP; and win through damage attrition. Vampires regenerate hp too fast to kill without using a hand full of antivampire tactics. Nonfae can only harm Fae by using the rare cold iron weapons or entering (forcing them into) a contract with them.


I actually like the idea that Werewolves are unkillable without silver. Or Vampires will not stay down unless you stake them and cut off their head. Or drag them out into the sun. Or shoot them with a super soaker filled with holy water. At the same time, what do you do when you are there without these items? Well maybe that's a battle that can't be won. Retreat. Pull the silver spoon out of that Eladrin's mouth and carve out the werewolve's heart with it.

Stuff like that makes for drama. There should be times when the PCs can't win the first time. Will this cause the "golf bag" effect? Well, yeah after a hero has had to melt down his mother's dinnerware he might think to keep that silver longsword around. Would he look a bit rediculus with a dozen weapons? Possibly but he's still alive.

I guess all I'm saying is I would prefer that the monster not be watered down to make it so every fight can be won no matter what. The game should not just be about killing every monster and taking their stuff. It's about overcoming challenges, meeting interesting beings, and of course killing them and taking their stuff.


As with the L&L polls, it's very important to read the articles very very carefully before making a choice. Mike and Monty write polls the way yugoloths write contracts.


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What I did not like about DR was magic always bypassed it - it was just another way to gimp the fighter vs. the spellcaster.

It has be part of a wider set of resistance and immunities.

In 1E, the Demon may need a +3 sword to hit, but will also have MR, good saves, and take half damage from a bunch of damage types.

Its time for the fighter, with that +3 sword, to kick butt.

The theif, on the other hand...is SOL.

Which gets us back to this topic. Different kinds of resistance introduce an interesting tactical element in play, and I have seen players put a fair amount of ingenuity in dealing with them.

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