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Release Port of Entry: Starports in Clement Sector is now available!

Port of Entry: Starports in Clement Sector is now available in PDF at Drive-thru RPG and the Independence Games webstore! Print version in both hardcover and softcover will follow soon.

IG Webstore: Port of Entry: Starports in Clement Sector

DTRPG: Port of Entry: Starports in Clement Sector - Independence Games | Earth Sector | Clement Sector Third Edition | DriveThruRPG.com

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Starports are often said to be a planet's welcome mat. It's where the world puts their best foot forward and tries to drum up potential trade, impress folks into settling on their world, fish for investments, or make a weary spacer welcome (and to take their currency, of course!).

Port of Entry: Starports in Clement Sector details everything you need to know about visiting a port facility in either Clement Sector or Earth Sector. The book covers all of the different classes, types, ratings, and styles of port facilities, how they are classed and rated, and what a spacer might find at the port. Port of Entry covers all of the rules, regulations, and laws one might encounter as well as detailing all of the services that ports might offer from restaurants and hotels to garbage disposal and ship repairs.

Port of Entry also includes 11 new character careers as well as two sample starports, several companies and organizations, and a number of example locations. Also included is a space station design system from Michael Johnson, our starship guru, to allow you to design a station of you own.

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