Starfinder Post your Starfinder characters!


Hey guys!

I'm looking for some Starfinder characters to fill in as additional Starfinder Society members. I'd love to hear about some of the awesome characters you guys have made. I'd prefer the whole character sheet, but even just a paragraph telling me about who they are would due.

And yes, before anyone suggests, I do have the Paizo released pregen characters.


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My character is Rylin Primus, a human technomancer. He is arrogant, insulting, a germophobe, and he constantly overstates his magical power (like when he makes a perception check, declaring that “his mystical powers detect…”). Clad in a black robe trimmed with red neon, his left arm is cybernetic. His catchphrase is “Disgusting!”

He pretty much evolved from the idea of making Raistlin in Space.

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