DMs Guild POTENT POLEARMS REVISITED: 13 Magic Weapons for System Agnostic Fantasy Gaming

POTENT POLEARMS REVISITED: 13 Magic Weapons from off the Beaten Track
(a system agnostic reconfiguration of POTENT POLEARMS for 5e)

Polearms: the neglected stepchild among magic weapons—until now!
POTENT POLEARMS REVISITED presents 13 enchanted polearms, rendered in system-agnostic terms for any fantasy campaign. All types of weapon and every level of rarity!
* Suggestions for further customization included in every weapon description
  • Unofficial polearm types and new weapon properties to expand your campaign’s ruleset
  • Easy-to-use homebrew tips—including new polearm types and weapon properties—to make polearm combat more tactically interesting

also from John the Chronicler:

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