D&D Potential LPF Builds

So, I had a build I had finished, a Fighter (Lore Warder/Marital Master) going into Student of War, but I had failed to realize that Student of War was not on the list of accepted materials.

I have a couple of character concepts I might run with here but I'd like to hear from the community since they are all tied in my heart.

Not Robin Hood: A Ranger (Hooded Champion), specializing in ranged tomfoolery. I've wanted an excuse to take Grasping Strike and Winter's Strike as part of a Vital Striking Archer build. Combat style should provide me the other feats I need to make the build work.

Smartest Man in the Room: Most likely something to be saved for later. An absurd mutli-class between Fighter (Lore Warden/Martial Master or straight Tactician), Slayer, and Investigator (Empiricist/Sleuth). Meant to make the most of a high intelligence score without actually casting spells or using alchemy. Trying to reproduce my first build with legal materials. Could be wonderfully scary, could fall apart immediately.

Never the Same Face: Another slayer idea. Planar fugitive, biding his time on E'n until he can exact revenge on those that wronged him. Marked sociopath. TN. Would be evil if not for his earnest attempts to understand the concept of a moral compass. His heart, or at least the one he keeps on hand, is in the right place. I could very easily buff disguise through various means but it would mostly serve as a flavor thing.


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I think the ideas are interesting. I would like to see how 'Not Robin Hood' works out with the ranged tricks. Ranged tricks sound cool in theory but I wonder how they will work out in actuality. If you get a cool DM who gives you plenty of opportunity to shine with your archery then it could be a blast. I've played a rogue here and I don't think it would have been nearly as fun as it has been without the DM's I've played under. I hope you get the same experience.

I've seen a 'Smartest Man in the Room' (actually, woman) played and played well in LPF. But not with a non-spellcasting build. It would be interesting to see how another player pulled it off.

Never the Same Face is a concept that I've mulled over for years (but minus the sociopath bent on revenge). I tried it once in a home game and it was a lot of fun. This would be another fun one to see how someone else managed it.
Worked out my Smartest Man build to the earliest level I feel it works on.
Slayer 1 | Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) 1 | Investigator (Sleuth/Empiricist) 2 | Brawler 1
Gets, Int to Panache/Luck, Disable Device, Perception, Sense Motive, Use Magic Device, Diplomacy to gather information along with either Clever Wordplay or something similar to swap Int in for a couple more skills. Will later be taking Kirin Style, Strike, and Path for double int to damage as well.

The end game looks like a Slayer 9 | Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) 5 | Investigator (Sleuth/Empiricist) 5 | Brawler 1


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That's a complex build. Takes a lot of system knowledge to work out something like that. :) How would you handle the early levels, before it comes into its own? Or would you want to bring it in at level 5? It's possible, but would take 24 DM credits (at a quick guesstimate). Of course, since it is mostly built from a melee base it should fare pretty well at the low levels.