Kickstarter Powercore Call of Cthulhu comes to Kickstarter

Michael O'Brien

Power Core Call of Cthulhu Box
Lurking behind the thin vale of sanity, ancient beings of imaginable power lurk, forever ready to bring the world to its knees. These godlike beings from beyond time and space can warp the mind, break the will, and obliterate the body. Now, as they stand against each other, the world will be plunged into a maelstrom of horror and madness. Will your hand guide the victors - or will your eternal legacy be wiped out by a being more cunning, more ruthless, and more malevolent than you?

Launched today on Kickstarter — worlds collide as Call of Cthulhu combines with the all new PowerCore™️ game system from renowned strategy game publisher Board&Dice!

PowerCore Call of Cthulhu - officially licensed product
The eldritch combination of the Cthulhu mythos and Board&Dice’s fascination with the world of the fantastical has created a game of untold replayability! With innovation and creativity, Power Core: Call of Cthulhu is ready to spread the legends of the infamous cosmic horrors from beyond space.

PowerCore Call of Cthulhu cards
Board&Dice’s original PowerCore game system is quick to learn, but the decisions on the field of play are filled with moments of rich intensity. Each player combines two Character decks, offering a variety of options for card-play combos and opportunities to unleash the potential of the matching Power Core devices. Will you draw cards to prepare for a later assault, or push forward to unleash fury upon your unsuspecting foe?

Your cards are your weapons, and the Power Cores are the engine that will set the skies on fire! Are you ready to be enveloped by the cosmic horrors within Power Core: Call of Cthulhu?

PowerCore Call of Cthulhu board layout

Produced under license from Chaosium.
Live on Kickstarter now!

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