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Level Up (A5E) Pregen Typos?


AKA Thanatos from NKL/NTL days.
I don’t know where to report typos, but this is what I have.
Akanni is an Adept, with the STR build:
16 13 14 10 14 8
With 27 point-buy or array, that started as:
15 12 14 10 13 8
The Acolyte background increased WIS, which is the set point, and STR, as that’s the only way to get 16.
That means an extra point raised DEX from 12 to 13, which is only useful for feat and multiclass qualification. I’m wondering where that excess point came from. In O5e, there are typically three ability score increase points, either 2/1 or 1/1/1, but as far as I can tell, A5e only gives two of those starting ASIs. Maybe Akanni‘s designer was thinking there were still three, or maybe I’m missing something.

There’s also “weary” used in place of “wary” in the backstory, but that’s a common typo, since some devices like to auto-incorrect it that way.

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AKA Thanatos from NKL/NTL days.
If the pregens were meant to be built with point-buy and get 2 ASIs from their Background, and if there isn't some other factor which can adjust ability scores from -1 to +2, this is what I get.

Akanni is over by 1 point.
Cenya appears correct.
Diamond is over by 2 points.
Gia appears correct.
Gwyven appears correct.
Hamza is over by 2 points.
Krarg appears correct.
Lily appears correct.
Lux appears correct.
Maika appears correct.
Mara appears correct.
Nox appears correct.
Orla is low by 1 point.
T'lingbet appears correct.
Varskyle appears correct.
Zidi appears correct, but the "Fey Servant" background is not in the Adventurer's Guide, it's in the Gate Pass Gazette #4.

While most of these are mechanically correct, many are just badly built, which makes me wonder if they were all randomly rolled. I downloaded the pregens as example characters to reference for character building, but the inconsistency makes them less than useful for that.

As the designer of Hamza, my bad. Um, he got a bonus from the Narrator who thought it was cool to have a pacifist warlock.

And for Zidi, I think the original idea was to include the background in the same document as her stats, but we ended up expanding it into a whole GPG article. The text of the abilities are still explained in her character doc, though, right? It's not necessary for playing her to know how she was built.

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