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Kickstarter Press Release: Seventh Son Publishing has launched Kickstarter for SAKE (Sorcerers, Adventures, Kings, and Economics) TTRPG Full Rulebook

SAKE ttrpg

Press Release: Seventh Son Publishing has launched Kickstarter for SAKE (Sorcerers, Adventures, Kings, and Economics) TTRPG Full Rulebook
Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/project...erers-adventures-kings-and-economics-rulebook

SAKE is a fantasy roleplaying game with elements of a strategy game. In SAKE, you play the ruler of a domain, a merchant prince, a pirate lord or start as an adventurer with the goal of rising to power.

SAKE (Sorcerers, Adventures, Kings, and Economics) is the game for players who want:
  • Play a pirate, adventure on the seas, trade with faraway cultures, and battle the imperial navy trying to catch you.
  • Or play a warlord: build up your domain, hire armies, and construct castles to wage war against your rivals.
  • Play as a sorcerer deeply interested in dangerous magic, not afraid to enter the Otherworld in search of more power.
  • Or play as a priest as a sort of collector of gods, haggling with alien and fickle deities to channel their immense power.
  • Campaign of building and managing a kingdom while its inner politics are in turmoil, and its powerful nature god wants the blood of its rulers.
  • Campaign of trading and adventuring on the seas, with a ship as your home.
You delve into dungeons, explore pockets of the Otherworld to find treasures, make pacts with fickle gods, study dangerous magic, scheme to assassinate rivals, trade to gather resources and raise an army to fight wars.

SAKE is a full pointbuy system, which means all character development happens by buying skills and abilities using EXP gained from Your character's personality traits and events during gameplay.

SAKE is designed to take place in an early modern (fantasy) world, with muskets and plate armour, cannons and galleys, rising capitalism and waning feudalism. With magic and gods mixed in.

The game's rules support more serious types of campaigns, like balancing between different political interest groups when playing domain ruler, or deciding how far one is ready to go when meddling with gods or magic for power that could save their party and/or domain.

Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav
Seventh Son Publishing, LLC

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SAKE ttrpg



The Mist​

The ever-expanding Mist looms over the Asteanic World. As long as humans remember, it has always been there – albeit a bit smaller than now. The Mist expands by around 1km per year at present – but its growth is not consistent, seeming to accelerate as it enlarges. Nonetheless, the process is slow enough that amidst their internal conflicts, and the rise and fall of empires, people do not pay it too much attention. Thus, inhabitants of the Asteanic World find themselves in a situation today where a giant spot of emptiness stares back from the map – nearly as vast as Thefna Archipelago – yet surprisingly little is known about its nature and origins. In terms of the Asteanic cultural sphere, the Mist is distant – it has only reached the Ocean, traversed by Asteanic merchant ships, within the turbulent past few centuries. Consequently, Asteans allocate relatively little time and resources to its exploration – the nations and lands getting shrouded into the Mist are distant and inconsequential to them.

In the early 16th century, the Mist engulfed the small Forestside tsardom in Tserkeššia. Adventurous Asteans from Nileen conducted the evacuation of the Forestside people, but they had their own more sinister motives. Subsequently, the Forestside tsar and his warriors were drawn into the La Mepho-Delagrua’n Asteanic Empire's civil war as mercenaries, while the remaining populace was abandoned in the outskirts of Ehnation – expanding one of its slums – Strugglefield, as a result.

The Mist – What Do We Know?​

However, not everything is entirely mysterious, and the peoples around the Mist actually know quite a bit about its workings and how to avoid it – to be fair, it's not that difficult – just don’t walk into it.

The Mist merges the Otherworld and the human world into one; in areas covered with Mist, there is no separate Otherworld, and astral travellers cannot journey there. In the rest of the world, there exists some form of Otherworld everywhere, but not in Mist-covered areas. Just as the Mist consumes the human world, it also devours pockets of the Otherworld – melding them with the human realm or erasing them completely. This has a side effect – areas surrounding the Mist are teeming with all sorts of Otherworldlings, as they too must retreat from the Mist.

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