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Release Crime Districts of Irongate - the first adventure module for SAKE (Sorcerers, Adventures, Kings, and Economics) TTRPG is published

SAKE ttrpg

Link to the module: https://rainer-kaasik-aaslav.itch.io/crime-districts-of-irongate

Crime Districts of Irongate is a dungeon crawl meant to be played using SAKE (Sorcerers, Adventures, Kings, and Economics) TTRPG. It may be possible to use other systems that use d20 dice and skills system for resolutions. The adventure takes place in SAKE homeworld – Asteanic World.

SAKE is a modular point-buy TTRPG that blends strategy game elements with fantasy TTRPG experience. SAKE has domain management, trading, battles in company scale, ships and sea battles, a system of magic and an afterlife inspired by real-world magical beliefs, rules for dungeon crawling and exploring the wilds, and lot more.

The dungeon crawl can be played using the Basic Rules edition of SAKE, which can be freely downloaded: https://rainer-kaasik-aaslav.itch.io/sake-sorcerers-adventurers-kings-and-econom...

Crime Districts of Irongate​

Crime Districts of Irongate is a dungeon crawl in the form of a city district. During the dungeon crawl, PCs clear out the criminal gangs of the city and reclaim their ancestral forge-villa, which has fallen into the hands of the Iron Runners gang, using it as their headquarters.

The Crime Districts of Irongate is an open-world style dungeon. There is no story to follow, PCs simply have their goals, and the adventure follows. That means PCs can't fall off the road, as there is no predetermined way to solve the dungeon.

The player interactions with the dungeon will vary uniquely at each table. Players can opt for full-on violence or take a more diplomatic approach by trying to make friends with the district’s inhabitants. Or go totally different route, and using Domain rules, build their own domain in Crime Districts.

Kickstarter for Full Rulebooks of SAKE​

In other news: at the end of March or the start of April a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Full Rulebooks will be launched.

The Full Rulebook of SAKE TTRPG will include:
  • More abilities, more equipment, and magical items.
  • More spell schools (Necromancy, Psychics).
  • Asteanic major gods and a whole lot of priest spells.
  • More establishments for the Domain Game.
  • Rules for combat on a company scale and stats for companies.
  • A complete Economics module (Rules for overseas trade, seafaring, sea battles, ship stats, storms, and so on).

Link to pre-launch page: https://www.kickstarter.com/project...erers-adventures-kings-and-economics-rulebook

Best Wishes!
Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav
Seventh Son Publishing, LLC

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