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Kickstarter Preparing for SAKE (Sorcerers, Adventures, Kings, and Economics) TTRPG's full release on Kickstarter

SAKE ttrpg


Pre-launch page: https://www.kickstarter.com/project...erers-adventures-kings-and-economics-rulebook

SAKE (Sorcerers, Adventures, Kings, and Economics) is a TTRPG designed for Gamemasters and players who seek immersion and coherence in their game. Magic and adventuring as well as fantasy economy and kingdom governance are consistent throughout the game.

Have you ever wondered?
  • How rich is the fantasy king really?
  • How many soldiers does the kingdom have? How much does their maintenance cost?
  • Could I establish my own domain? How much taxes would I collect?
  • Can I organize my own army, how much would it cost and what would be its size?
  • How can I become a pirate or a merchant? How much is a merchant ship’s cargo worth?
  • Would I be able to organize my own army and what will be its size?
…then SAKE is a game for You.

SAKE is characterized by levelless and classless characters, a player character development system, based on character personality traits and principles, a magic system inspired by real-world folklore, and an elaborate, believable economics system.

SAKE is primarily intended to portray early-modern worlds, characterized by the decline of feudalism, the rise of capitalism and the introduction of firearms.
The game allows for the play of both, the classical dungeon delving and the creation of a commercial empire.

Meantime, SAKE Basic Edition can be freely downloaded:
DriveThru RPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/463551/Sorcerers-Adventurers-Kings-And-Economics-Basic-Rules
Itch.io: https://rainer-kaasik-aaslav.itch.io/sake-sorcerers-adventurers-kings-and-economics-basic-rules

Also, SAKE has its first official adventure module released: The Crime Districts of Ireongate, in which players take the role of heirs releasing their clan's forge-villa from a criminal gang.
DriveThru RPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/468117/Crime-Districts-of-Irongate
Itch.io: https://rainer-kaasik-aaslav.itch.io/crime-districts-of-irongate
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