Previews June and Beyond.


-On the DnD site at wizards a new Preview article is up. It mentions an 18 month Dungeon Adventure Path set in the Red Hand of Doom World. (Red Hand of Doom POL?) It also has info ond the 4E Charater Sheets, 4E DM's screen, and The Realms. It also has info on the other two Heroic Teir Adventures. That 18 month Adventure Path seems awfully long. What do you Guys/ Gals think?


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I think that, assuming they stick to _anything_ like the 1 AP for every 2 other adventures model that Dungeon used to have, getting an AP adventure every month will be a fantastic improvement in content.

Anyhow, it's 30 levels - 18 months means 1 2/3 levels per adventure, per month. That's a pretty good clip. I just wish I played with people who could actually keep up with that pace.

Heck, I still haven't finished Shackled City, so I've got Age of Worms, Savage Tides, and the first 2 Pathfinder APs as options too! And someone gave me KoS as a gift, so I'm tempted to get the rest (yes, that's how I think, it's like OCD) - the homage to the old modules does make it more tempting though.

I mean, Keep on the Borderlands (H1), Slavelords (H2), Desert of Desolation (H3)? Cool.


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I think the spellplague just clicked with me.. In all the buildup I could only see it as a narrative device to make the realms POL proof, but now I also see that it will provide a universal concern for residents of the realms, and will function like "the last war" (should) do with Eberron, in that there'll be that "still picking up the pieces" feel..

Good stuff.


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SPECTRE666 said:
... an 18 month Dungeon Adventure Path set in the Red Hand of Doom World. (Red Hand of Doom POL?) ...
and here I was considering whether to stop my RHoD-campaign prematurely. With this info I think I will have enough steam to keep it up 'till the end :cool:


TheSleepyKing said:
Sounds like there might be a reason to subscribe to DDI...

and Drizzt appears to be back on the cover.
-Thats the place holder. The Cover instead has a Shade riding a Shadow Dragon working Shadow Magic. Shadowcr@p!


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